Racial tensions have grown in the days since unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was black. Darren Wilson, the officer who shot him at least six times, is white. Then, almost immediately after Brown’s killing was made public, throngs of mostly black protesters hit the streets of Ferguson to demand justice. They were met by a almost completely white police force. Despite this pretty obvious dynamic, a majority of whites polled recently about the situation in Ferguson seem to think race isn’t a factor.

new HuffPost/YouGov poll found that the majority of whites polled (40%) believe Brown’s killing was an isolated incident. Slightly fewer (35%) said they believe it represents a broader pattern of how police treat Black men. Black Americans, however, agree in large part (76%) that Brown’s killing is part of a broader pattern. It’s important to note, however, that 6% of Blacks polled said they believe it was an isolated incident. 

The survey went a step further in asking if the protests, police response were reasonable and breaking down respondents by political party. Check out the results below.


ferguson1 ferguson2

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9 thoughts on “Big Surprise: Whites Polled Say Race Isn’t A Factor In Ferguson

  1. Make NO MISTAKE-the results of that poll were TRUE. Those people [whites] actually believe that policeman was justified in what he did. THAT’S A FACT. U see- we can pass laws! BUT ‘we can’t change attitudes’. Should I say that again? ATTITUDES HAVE NOT CHANGED!!!!!!
    Stop thinking-young people-u know these people like that-as you can see-they will KILL YOU!

  2. Was Micheal Brown being a racist when he stole and assaulted that store owner? OK maybe not he
    was and equal opportunity thug at the time

    • straightnochaser on said:

      Was George Zimmerman being a racist when he decided to follow Trayvon Martin, instead of taking his stupid ass back to his car like the 911 operator told him to? Was the KKK being racist when they decided to form shortly after slavery ended? Were the ‘laws’ that stated Blacks and white were required to eat at separate establishments, drink from certain fountains, go in and out of certain doors racist? Are the reTHUGlicans being racist by continuously calling for President Obama to be impeached, by claiming he’s not American, that he’s a Muslim, that he ‘hates’ white people, that he’s anit-american, and all the other bulls**t they toss around day in and day out? Judging by YOUR statement, race NEVER has anything to do with any of the things mentioned above. The only time race is a factor s when a white person decides that their ‘entitlement’ doesn’t get them what they want and ‘reverse discrimination’ comes into the picture. But, hold on! There’s no such thing as ‘reverse discrimination,’ because if it doesn’t exist as you seem to believe, then it CAN’T BE REVERSED!

      • Were the four blacks that killed the white guy in front on his family in NJ
        being Racist? How about the two Black kids that shot the lady’s baby in Georgia
        how about the three that shot the Ausie in Oklahoma.
        Does the inability of your ancestry being able to go, eat, live, be educated, not be harmed,
        because of Laws, Racist traditions ,etc NOW preclude you in this day and age from achieving success and prosperity? If so I suppose you will always be mired in failure dwelling on the past. Is there racism? Yes and I’m sorry to inform you that from now till the end of time or at least until one of the last two humans on this planet is no more THERE WILL ALWAYS BE!!! Have I, Do I, or Will I allow that to diminish or impede my ambitions and goals Hell F%ckin No. There are far too many Blacks in this country who have achieved prosperity, wealth, and security I’m not speaking of celebrities or sports personalities I’m speaking of those you may never hear of or only read about in business
        articles, Obviously they didn’t give up or dwell in or on the past.

  3. carmen on said:


  4. Kevin S. on said:

    For many people, its more so a form of Culturalism rather than Racism. I even see it in the African American community itself, where some turn their noses up to those who exhibit a more “urban” culture and behave in a fashion they may find less presentable and acceptable in the public eye. I can somewhat understand as a professional in IT who has to combat stereotypes every day when I go into meetings with new people who expect that I ether am incompetent or incapable of performing the same complex duties as my white counterparts. While those who are familiar with my work have accepted that I am “good” at my job, they associate that capability with my upbringing and educational background as opposed to those who are from a less affluent and suburban culture. That separation of those who are from a more suburban culture than those of us who are from a more urban culture is why many non-African Americans see themselves as not being racists but culturalists.

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