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North West Makes Her Modeling Debut! 

“It’s never too early to care about fashion!” – Karl Lagerfeld. This profound quote appears on North West’s first modeling spread ever!

Yes, North is a model now and if you ask me, she’s late! The adorable offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has ditched her camera-lovin’ parents and posed on her own in the new issue of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book. North is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in a Chanel cardigan and purse, flower broach and pearl earrings. How fancy! Baby North has appeared already in U.S. Vogue with Kimye earlier this year, but this is her first solo shot! She looks cuter without that baggage anyways!

The spread is called, “Legends,” and it celebrates unconventional style icons and at one-year-old, I’d say that’s pretty unconventional. I bet North is going to make every little chubby cheeked chick want a Chanel bag. I realize that North is the cutest thing to happen to Kim K and Kanye, but how did she get this sweet gig?

Peep the statement from the teaser:

“In our latest preview from our fifth Fashion Book, we reveal the youngest subject to be photographed in a story entitled ‘Legends,’ that celebrates the unconventional side of fashion icon status. Karl Lagerfeld sums up our sentiments best—it’s never to early to start. In this case, we’d agree that thirteen months is on the earlier end, but CR predicts a bright fashion future for the already famed daughter of Kanye and past cover star, Kim.”

Your move, Blue Ivy!


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13 thoughts on “North West’s Adorable Modeling Debut

  1. She is a cute baby but she is one of the most miserable babies I have ever seen and I am not young. I have seen her smile twice. In all the rest of the photos she looks so unhappy but she probably doesn’t know who her parents are so they seem like strangers when she does see them.

    • pac4me on said:

      You can’t possibly know what you’re talking about – most babies never smile in random shots and you would probably not smile if you had a world full of cameras in your face. and that baby knows who her parent are – get real

  2. gimme that kid on said:

    Still no smile, and either her legs have been photoshopped, or she’s got a serious problem there. Also-why does she NEVER wear shoes? Okay, she wore them once, for her insulting “Indian” theme birthday bad taste over the top party. Not blaming her, she didn’t smile then either.

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