A rapper named G.A.G.E. has released a song entitled “I Am Mike Brown” with poignant lyrics in response to the tragic events that have recently unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri. Click on the audio player to hear the song in its entirety.

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3 thoughts on “Rapper Releases “I Am Mike Brown” In Response To Ferguson

  1. Celebrities are flocking here for the funeral, but they are not doing any thing to encourage and/or support the effort to direct these young black boys. These young men are speaking poor English, tattooing there bodies up, wearing dreads, drinking, smoking and wearing sagging pants. Numerous of them have a criminal record and cannot get decent employment.

  2. If the story has happened in this way, that’s mean it is the right moment for civilians, to ask ‘’what is going on by now in America’’? In 2014, is just because some guys in uniform belong to whatever instance would be allowed to step on human dignity like this? According to the new details, the homicide of the officer Wilson and of course the wrong behavior of his squad toward the population apparently isn’t only a racial mishandling mime-drama it’s above all a Human Concern to correct strictly nowadays. As a free speaking bystander, it seems this kind of uniformed guys deserve to be sent to fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq, not in the US territories. Wake up America! http://www.artnook.weebly.com

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