Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, 28, received an award for “extraordinary effort in the line of duty” months before he gunned down unarmed teenager Mike Brown and left him in the street for 4 hours last Saturday, reports Yahoo News.

Wilson’s father, John Wilson, posted how proud he was of his son on Facebook:

“Very proud of my son, Darren Wilson on his receiving a Commendation from his Police Department,” John Wilson wrote on February 11. “Congratulations Son.”

Ferguson Police Chief  Tom Jackson released Wilson’s name during a press conference on Friday after 5 days of refusing to do so.

When reporters tried to contact Wilson, it was revealed that he and his family had “left town days ago.”

Yahoo News reports:

Four days ago John Wilson turned to Facebook for support without mentioning his son by name.

“Dear FB friends, Our family is in need for prayers to be sent up for a family member,” John Wilson wrote. “Circumstances do not allow for us to say anything further. Please pray with our family in mind. Put a covering of protection over our family member please.”

A woman who replied in the comment thread told John that she could put him in touch with someone that “has been through many difficult times with his children. Prayers are what brought the family through the rough times. We are just a phone call away.”

John Wilson thanked his many friends who were quick to offer encouragement.

“Please continue to do so as we deal with a family situation that is very challenging,” he wrote.

In his last post this week, John Wilson shared a saying from a Texas evangelical pastor: “When something is ‘out of control’ it is merely out of your control — not God’s!”

The Ferguson police department has done it’s best to paint Brown as the aggressor, describing Wilson as a “gentle” man and an “excellent” police officer who is “devastated” about killing Brown.

But he wasn’t too devastated to stand over him and gun him down while the unarmed teen held his hands in the air.

The FBI is currently conducting an investigation, while the citizens of Ferguson continue to protest Brown’s brutal slaying.



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7 thoughts on “Officer Darren Wilson: Photo Of Mike Brown’s Killer Surfaces

  1. tewdeeq on said:

    Whites only focus on the crimes and criminalize others for a reason and that is that they have a lot of sins to answer for- how they use race to hate and take advantage of others.

  2. if it was daylight why is the police officer even telling someone to get out the streets? if i am walking in the street or crossing the street i have the right to do so once I am not harming myself or others. these cops need super training only a high school diploma is not cutting it. This cop was bored, the police should not be getting in an altercation with a citizen either. once again this is a trained cop why doesn’t he know how to calm the situation down instead of making it worse. Brown is a kid…….most kids don’t listen…..that is life and if you are here to protect you should have send him home and let these young man know you care about them and that is why you are helping them. But these cops don’t care because these black man aren’t the police friends or families.

  3. Marshalee on said:

    Police officers should stop giving people nasty attitudes when they didn’t do anything wrong. Even if someone did something wrong and they are unarmed they should not be killed. Police needs to use their training and act civilized. This cop is a murderer. I know a friend of my brother who’s cousin is a cop and he said most cops where bullied while they were in school. This may be a physiological issue for must police man, which would explain why they would take out their anger on MINORITIES.

    I don’t agree that Michael Brown should have robbed a store, but there are many ways to deal with this situation as a trained police officer, than killing someone that was 35 feet away from him and unarmed.

  4. Marshalee on said:

    It doesn’t matter if you robbed a store or killed many people in a movie theater like the white boy. everyone needs a fear conviction and not to be hunted down in the streets and shot like an animal

  5. It is now incumbent upon authorities to show they mean to have a full lawful process and it should
    now begin by taking the badge and gun from this man and arresting him as would happen with any
    individual ‘accused’ of shooting an ‘unarmed’ person. Than your statement to these facts should be

  6. ambientbake on said:

    Pray for the officer. He is going thru a lot right now. It can’t be easy having to take another’s life. The truth will come out. For the good of the community I hope it will be proved that that it was a righteous and justified shooting. Black men should be aware by now that robbing a store, pushing the clerk around, and getting into an altercation with the police is NOT the right thing to be doing.

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