Business mogul Dame Dash has been railing against people who have done him dirty in the entertainment business and he’s turned his sights on acclaimed film director Lee Daniels.

Dash is suing Daniels for shafting him out of millions of dollars after Dash invested in a number of Lee Daniels’ projects. According to the former Roc-A-Fella CEO, he put up $2 million for Lee Daniels’ 2004 film “The Woodsman,” which starred Kevin Bacon, but never got a return on his investment. Dash claims to have made similar investments in other Daniels films like “The Paperboy,” “Precious,” and “The Butler.” The court documents filed on Dash’s behalf also allege he was screwed out of executive producer credits on all of the aforementioned films.

Dame Dash is seeking no less than $25 million in damages. So far Lee Daniels hasn’t responded to the lawsuit.


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