In the latest development in the fast-moving case of the police shooting of 18-year-old Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last weekend, police have released raw surveillance video of the alleged “robbery” at a convenience store. In it, what appears to be Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson are in the store, at the counter and then an verbal altercation takes place.

Reports say that altercation was because Brown had cigars in his hand when Johnson picked up more. The store owner told Brown that he had to pay for the ones he already had first.

The store’s owners, through their attorneys, told Fox News in St. Louis that they did not turn over the surveillance video, they were issued a warrant and complied with police orders.

The store owners say neither they nor a store owner called the police – another customer in the store did.

Through their lawyers, the owners, who have owned the store for some years, said they hope to get back to serving the Ferguson community.

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13 thoughts on “More From Ferguson, Surveillance Video Released, Store Owners Speak [WATCH]

  1. The good news is, this is one big dude the little store owner won’t have to worry about coming back to jack him up. The bad news? Young Mr. Brown’s punishment did not fit the crime. Sad.

  2. Willie on said:

    MANY White men have an INNATE HATRED for Black Men is at the ROOT of the EXECUTON of Michael Brown. Jiggy 5 on this blog is a Prime Example.

  3. It does
    Appear mr brown wasin the wrong, but it still doesn’t justify shooting the guy over some cigars.he was a big guy and if he was afraid he should have called back up to take him in for stealing.shooting him just doesn’t fit the crime in this sorry, and the people of fergueson have every right to be angry.our kids need to get off some of these blunts to.

  4. Jacqueline Perry on said:

    Since when anyone stealing 48 dollars worth of cigars cause them there rip convient stores off all the time.rather abroad or in the states.teenagers are just going to be teenagers.i didn’t see him pulling a gun out committing a robery.but there seem to be a owner should have called police, if he was being robbed, it appears he didn’t.

  5. Livvy11 on said:

    Reading is fundamental – did you posters claiming/presuming there was a “robbery” read the story? Common sense is just as fundamental – it is clear there is more to the story. I’m guessing Mike brown was no angel. The same can likely be said of the store clerk and officer. The real culprit is the American justice system or rather the failure thereof.

  6. No, we can not dismiss the robbery or “thuggery” as it was, but since when did this mean that you can’ t put your hands up in the universal sign of surrender and not get shot, not once but several times…more importantly, the officer DID NOT know Brown to be a suspect, he was approached because he was walking down he street-what it sounds like to me was a cop that spoke to this young man, angry words were exchanged and some physical stupidity on both parts and a cop in fear shot once but then kept shooting out of pure fear and hate. Robbery, thuggery or not, How do two wrongs make a right?

  7. I said it. on said:

    Was the store robbed, or not? Did Brown shoplift anything? Is shoplifting punishable by death? If the officer didn’t know that this boy was a suspect and only got into a verbal altercation after ordering them to “get the fuck on the sidewalk” what does the video, or store situation have to do with what happened?

    • @ I said it: Generally speaking it doesn’t have a D thing to do with him being shot. But what the authorities are probably going to say is that it proves Brown was the aggressor. I’m not condoning that theory….just sayin’

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