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Everyone’s got a past, and Dianna Williams of Lifetime’s “Bring It” is no different. She’s even using it to help guide her girls!

Miss D will be the first to tell you that she once starred in a number of adult films after she’d graduated from high school in California. She’s been open about why she made the decision at the time, but she’s not exactly proud of that part of her life.

While she hasn’t tried to hide her past, it definitely made her hesitate when Lifetime first approached her about doing “Bring It.” She didn’t want what she’d done years ago to reflect poorly on her students.

“When the opportunity presented itself, for the show, I originally said no because I felt like my past was going to hurt my kids,” she told “There was absolutely no way that I could allow something that I did to hurt somebody else’s child when I’m all about uplifting.”

Talking with the network, her husband and God (she prayed about doing “Bring It” quite a bit), made her feel better about putting the Dancing Dolls on the national stage. She was able to move forward with the show completely unafraid of how the girls might handle news of her days as a porn star because she’s already told them about it.

“The girls know about my past. We’ve talked about it. They know about why I did what I did and why I felt like I needed to–and what I should have done,” Miss D revealed. “I explain to them that I didn’t have the support that system that they have, so they should really take advantage of the opportunity that they have.”

Miss D has also made it a point to insist the girls look to her life as a blueprint of what not to do because she wants them to be better. She shared, “The girls know that my life is something that you should use, and say, ‘If Dianna did this– maybe it’s not the best decision to make.’”

Now that her her time as an adult entertainer, Dianna believes that it is one less thing that her critics can use to bring her down. “People try to utilize things that are negative to try to hurt you,” “For me, that whole situation has been something that I have been dealing with since I made the choice to do it.”

But there’s something else much more powerful that Miss D has shown her girls and “Bring It!” viewers alike, and that’s how to own your past so that you can evolve from it. “Moving from California to Mississippi, was a choice that I made to try to change my life and better myself to do things differently than what I was doing at that particular time.”

You can catch Dianna pushing her girls to dancing greatness, when “Bring It!” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.


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