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Not everyone understands what street/sexual harassment is, or why it’s a big deal. Thankfully, one cartoonist has perfectly broken it all down!

Instead of offering up another thinkpiece on the very real problem that women face every day, artist Robot Hugs has condensed the basic points into a web comic. She got the idea during a chat with a guy friend, who asked a well-meaning question about why he didn’t see a lot of instances of harassment in real life. The comic creator then explained how he sees it a lot more often than he realizes.

From there, she decided to drop some knowledge on the masses in an easy-to-process format. Since it’s such a wide-reaching topic, the graphic couldn’t be contained to just four or five panels. In the interest or education, Robot Hugs traded brevity for comprehensiveness.

“I believe it’s always good when topics such as rape culture, sexism, and harassment are explored and discussed,” Robot Hugs told The Huffington Post. “If I can produce something that resonates with the people invested in those discussions, then I’m happy.”

Despite its length, the strip covers everything from legislative control of women’s bodies to the thought process that has facilitated the harassment of women. Robot Hugs even found some space to offer up a few simple suggestions about what men can do to combat street harassment!

So what does Robot Hugs recommend? Check out these three simple tips:

1. Believe women when we tell you sexual harassment is still a very big problem.

2. Sympathize with the victim not the offender.

3. Hold each other accountable and call out the guys that commit acts of street/sexual harassment.

Click here to read the entire comic strip!


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One thought on “Artist Explains Sexual/Street Harassment & How To Stop It With New Comic Strip

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