Nelly however, had been silent about the case (along with most of hip-hop who responded more to the Robin Williams death than Mike Brown’s) until he made the mistake of posting about his new Cheerios commercial as a #TBT  in the midst of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)




Since Nelly is repping the Lou when he’s rapping, his fans felt the owed the Brown family and the city of Ferguson a little bit more support. Several of his followers pointed out that he talked to Lesley McSpaddden, Brown’s mother and to his credit he did not do so for the publicity.

But should he have said more? Or do we expect too much from celebs when it comes to politics?

(Photo: PR Photos)

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Drags Nelly For Ill-Timed Tweet, Phaedra Parks Meets Mike Brown’s Family

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