Before the birth of her newborn son Future, Ciara and her fiancee, the rapper Future, born Nayvadius Wilburn, seemed to be blissfully in love. But ever since the baby came, Ciara and Future have yet to be photographed together and reports say that he wasn’t even there when the baby was born.

Ciara, who has stepped out for work lately, solo has neither confirmed nor denied any breakup claims, but Future’s been seen on the road with one of this other children’s mothers.  Her recent Instagram photos have dropped what folks are saying is more than a few hints that she and Future may be back together again.

We don’t know anything you don’t but Ciara was particularly incensed at US Weekly who “reported” the the couple was kaput after Future’s infidelity. Not true, Ciara tweeted. She did do an interview with US Weekly, and talked lovingly about her new son, but never confirmed, or specifically denied, a breakup.



Us Weekly countered by saying she did do an interview, the audio of which they released. But you be the judge. Does Ciara ever talk about Future her fiancee, not Future her baby? Naaaah.

As for whether or not the formally attached at the hip couple is still getting married, well, it doesnt seem like they’ve spent as much time lately as they have in the past, but Future is on tour, in support of  his album, ironically titled Honest. Is it just a little family bonding with his other son or is it over? Stay tuned.

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