Are you ready for this incredible piece of news?

In 1950, Africa only made up 9 per cent of the world’s population right? But according to a report by the United Nations, that will change by the end of the century; the numbers will increase substantially, with 40 per cent of humanity being of African descent.

Yes. 40 percent.

There’s been a seismic shift in demographic trends, and its said to be transforming the world into an increasingly African place that will make way for huge economic opportunities and new risks for political instability and extreme poverty, according to a United Nations agency says.

“The future of humanity is increasingly African,” says a report by the UN children’s agency to be issued on Tuesday, based on revised population forecasts that reveal an unprecedented demographic shift this century.

While this growth could result in a larger labor force, and “transform the continent, breaking centuries-old cycles of poverty and inequality,” UNICEF warns urgent discussion is needed soon as the opposite is also possible. “Unless investment in the continent’s children is prioritized, the sheer burden of population expansion has the potential to undermine attempts to eradicate poverty through economic growth, and worse, could result in rising poverty and marginalization of many if growth were to falter.”

It is probably no surprise that the greatest boom in population is occurring in the poorest and most fragile countries, such as the impoverished West African nation of Niger, where the average woman has 7.5 children, the UNICEF report says. The next-highest fertility rate is in a neighbouring country, Mali, where the average woman has 6.8 children.

The report calls for “courageous and determined action” to face the challenges of the African population boom. It cites, for example, the continued lack of contraception for many African women. About a quarter of all women in marriages or unions in sub-Saharan Africa lack the reproductive heath services they need, the report says. It also calls for stronger programs to improve the education of girls and to end child marriage.

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6 thoughts on “40% of World’s Population will be of African Descent by End of Century

  1. this report doesn’t take into account the death toll in africa. Nor that the cycle of inequality and poverty in the region is millennia old, not centuries. There will only be a population boom if something can be accomplished in terms of taming the continent. And that seems unlikely.

    • I’m not so sure since this article is entirely rubbish as presented. They first say Africa is only 9 percent of the world’s population then go onto claim by the end of the century 40 percent of humanity will be of African descent. Being “of African descent” is not the same as “living in Africa” as there is roughly 20 percent of the world’s population currently of African descent, second only to the Chinese.

      I’m white and in the United States and I honestly do not care if whites, blacks or Latinos are the majority at the end of the century or at the end of this week. In my opinion the purpose of this article was to stoke racial tensions and it appears to have accomplished its purpose.

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