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As we previously reported, fans of Aaliyah and all of her crew were stunned after the casting of the Aaliyah bio-pic movie was announced on Saturday. Missy fans were so outraged that they took to Twitter and created the #LifetimeCastings hashtag and proceeded to drag Lifetime Movies all over timelines everywhere.

To understand what all of the fuss is about, take a look at Chattrisse Dolabaille,the actress who will be playing Missy Elliott in the Aaliyah movie in the video below! 

And now look at various tweets  below!

Well, you get the point! Ahhhh “Black Twitter” home of zero chill!

We don’t know how many more hours this #hashtag event is going to be taking place but we’d like to advise Lifetime Movies of one thing, this is just the beginning  of the foolishness! If this movie doesn’t live up to the expectations of those who actually support it, it will not end well!


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