Roland Martin talks to activist and writer, Dream Hampton about the conviction of Theodore Wafer, the man who killed 19-year-old Renisha McBride in Detroit after she ended up on the porch of  Theodore Wafer after being injured from a car crash. McBride went door to door looking for help and ended on the porch of Wafer, who shot her in the face.

“It’s a rare and incredibly nice moment for black women. We were looked at as human beings,” Hampton said. “The reason he was charged with second degree murder was because he shot through a locked door.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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One thought on “ROLAND MARTIN: Dream Hampton Talks Justice For Renisha McBride, Theodore Wafer Conviction

  1. ’’Skepticism’’ Donot call me American If I can’t be treated well Because of my nature, But I do have a mind And I also have a heart They’re aware of the Same brightness as all. Do not call me citizen If I have to be botched. Indeed, my DNA is hot Because Mississippi is Still burning. Quench then the fire, and The best will glow among us. The mine’s tag no. found In Savannah, and it belonged To the same anthem as all. Do not call me American If so on, and on! Do not call me Bo, as well, If my exertion can’t be branded Into the melting-pot, Because of my backdrop, and The mine’s shabby boots are still At the Museums where they’re Aware of the same color as all…

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