DETROIT (AP) — A jury convicted a suburban Detroit homeowner of second-degree murder and manslaughter on Thursday in the killing of a drunk, unarmed woman on his porch last year, rejecting his claim that he was afraid for his life and had acted in self-defense.

Theodore Wafer shot Renisha McBride through a screen door on Nov. 2, hours after she crashed into a parked car a half-mile from his house. No one knows why she ended up at the Dearborn Heights home, although prosecutors speculated that the 19-year-old woman may have been seeking help.

“She just wanted to go home,” prosecutor Patrick Muscat said during closing arguments, holding the shotgun Wafer used to kill McBride. “She ended up in the morgue with bullets in her head and in her brain because the defendant picked up this shotgun, released this safety, raised it at her, pulled the trigger and blew her face off.”

The Wayne County jury heard eight days of testimony before beginning deliberations. Wafer, 55, could face up to life in prison with the possibility of parole, but it is likely his actual sentence will be much shorter.

Wafer, an airport maintenance employee who lives alone, said he was roused out of sleep around 4:30 a.m. by pounding at his front and side doors. He testified that the noises were “unbelievable.”

“I wasn’t going to cower in my house,” Wafer said.

He said he thought there could have been more than one person outside of his 1,100-square-foot home near the Detroit-Dearborn Heights border. Wafer said he pulled the trigger “to defend myself. It was them or me.”

“He armed himself. He was getting attacked,” defense attorney Cheryl Carpenter told jurors. “Put yourselves in his shoes at 4:30 in the morning.”

But prosecutors said Wafer could have stayed safely in his locked home and called 911 instead of confrontingMcBride.

“He had so many other options. … We wouldn’t be here if he had called police first,” Muscat told the jury.


(Photo Source: AP)

35 thoughts on “The Verdict Is In: Renisha McBride Killer Convicted

  1. mochapearl on said:

    After that massive Russian invasion, I was attempting to change my password on this site but can not find the link* Monday will be here in 20 minutes so can you provide some guidance then. Thanks, enjoy your weekend. ^j^

  2. Timekeeper on said:

    This jury saw this man’s lies and saw right thru them, bottomline. Renisha’s father said it best. We all have made mistakes ( who hasn’t at 19) Unless you want to stand up and lie about it.
    Which is what Fox news disciples do every day of the week. And when did teenage behavior only apply to people of color. When you use the rem ghetto behavior, I’ve got news for you.
    Last week I saw 4 white boys 18-19 years old drive up to the front of a restaurant, pull down their pants, press their naked buts up against the window and moon a family who had the misfortune of having a booth by that window. I have seen the absolute worst behavior in many instances that get swept under the rug every single weekend.
    Im certain, Ms. McBride was taught distinctive family values. Teenagers shouldn’t lose their lives because of a mistake in judgement. “for but the grace of God go I”
    Some of you on this post have done worst things, (probably still do) but like to pass judgement on others. Thank God for a jury who saw thru this man and were courageous enough to do the right thing.

  3. Livin in the South on said:

    Damn; did you see how drunk she was? A probable blood alcohol over 300 and bloody hands from beating on his door in Detroit. geez I am not surprised she got her face blown off by a white man or a black man!

  4. Livin in the South on said:

    At 4:30 in the morning there is no telling what I’d do being awakened from sleep. Your comments are so racially motivated!!!! She was drunk, high and had a head injury from hitting a parked car. She was not acting right. This was a tragic mistake on his part and a tragic loss for her family but she was no angel. This is a manslaughter case; he will not go to prison unless it is a racially charged judge!

    • Wow true ignorance! 2nd Degree murder conviction isn’t on the judge issuing a sentence. if you understood the law you would know being convicted and charged in Michigan is a mandatory 25-40 years. There’s nothing a judge can do or not do. So to state he will be charged with manslaughter and not know the original and final verdict which was 2nd degree murder. Sure he didn’t get the 1st degree charge which would have guaranteed in life in prison, however these prosecutors unlike in FL gave the jury 2 option for their decisions. manslaughter wasn’t even a choice! Educate yourself and stop showing your ignorance.

      However you may think you fooling others but your ip address is affiliated with almost 7 screen names that constantly post on BAW.

  5. Tanille on said:

    I need help understanding why the writer felt it necessary to refer to her as a, “drunk,unarmed woman.” Her intoxication level is irrelevant.

  6. Guest on said:

    Come on folks what are we celebrating??? The family brags she was raised well and could have killed someone driving high and drunk then instead of calling 911 he shoots through a door scared a black thug was robbing him. Renisha would still be alive if she behaved like her family said she was raised so this is the lesson for EVERYONE!!!!! So what are we celebrating again…….

  7. BlackPower71 on said:

    I’m glad he’s going to prison!! And I hope he gets killed the night he gets there. I’m not going to say what I really want to say…

  8. whitegirl on said:

    I think he had every right to do what he did….I would of shot too….go to Texas….she would of been shot in the driveway….the way it is today its kill or be killed…..he did what he had too….screw everyone that thinks otherwise….ur all POS

  9. Delilah Barnett on said:

    I feel bad for both. First for Rannisha because she died so tragically and down right evil way. Second I feel sorry for the man who killed her. For he will have to stand before God and answer for this. The punishment doesn’t end here. Also I feel bad for his family. They won’t see this man free again.

  10. Honestly on said:

    The cave n!@@er wafer is a cold blooded murderer. Put this animal in a cage where he belongs. These neanderthal apes should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  11. RACISM—–

  12. Paris on said:

    I’m shocked that the verdict came back so quick. It shows that the jury wasn’t falling for his trial version of what happened. The man had about 3 different accounts of what happened that night.

  13. Johnny Jedkins on said:

    To kill someone when they are in distress or in trouble is wrong no matter what color.The verdict will not bring her back at least she can truly rest in peace.As for her family I pray peace and blessings

  14. Shelia Reid on said:

    Unlike Florida; a murderer is a murderer and should be convicted as one! Although sad for both families involved, I am glad that justice was done in this case.


    Florida Residence but proud of it!

  15. Linda on said:


    Finally, a White person is convicted of killing an innocent Black person!!!!!

    Now lets just see how much jail time this POS receives!!!!—-

    There must have been some folks of color on the jury, otherwise, he would surely have been acquitted!!!!

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