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You remember Diddy’s Making of the Band on MTV? It was the story of several people who came together to try and create a male-female R&B/rap band? Well, if you do, you may remember Detroit native Sara Stokes, the band’s pretty, talented singer who nevertheless had some personal dramas, most seriously with her husband Tony.

Several years after the show was off the air in 2009, Stokes was arrested for stabbing her husband in the arm in front of their three children. The two remained together, and in 2011, he was arrested for assaulting her.

Stokes has just been arrested again, this time, again, for domestic violence. Stokes, now living with her husband in Atlanta, was found fighting with him on the ground outside their home. Police say she was drunk.

Her arrest violates her probation in an earlier case, so TMZ reports she’ll spend the next 93 days in jail.

Stokes was the lone singer in the band which also included rappers Chopper, E-Ness, Bunny, Dylan Dilinjah,  and Freddy P. Da Band released one album, Too Hot For TV in 2003 and then went their separate ways.

(Photo: TMZ screenshot)

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