OK, now a picture of the deteriorating situation between Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan is starting to develop.

Accordig to TMZ, Back in January Murphy got word that Strahan was holed up in a room at a hotel in Beverly Hills. With good reason, we suppose, she suspected him of being there with someone else and went nuts to the point where she got kicked off the premises.

Sources say Nicole had got word that Michael was staying at the Regent Beverly Hills Hotel on Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive. The story goes she showed up at Michael’s hotel room, unannounced … and began banging on the door shortly before midnight, causing a major scene.

Witnesses claim Nicole was screaming Michael’s name, saying, “I know you’re in there with some bitch.” She also yelled, for all to hear, “It’s Michael from ‘Kelly and Michael’ in there.”

According to the report, the racket woke up several guests in neighboring rooms — some of whom stuck their heads out into the hallway. She ranted for 20 minutes before hotel security booted Nicole from the hotel.

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40 thoughts on “RUMOR REPORT: Nicole Murphy Creates Commotion at Hotel Looking for Michael Strahan

  1. I can understand why she would be upset, but making a scene is hardly worth it. I can see why she would want to know what was going on, but she should have hired a PI. Things break down sometimes and it hurts, but such extremes don’t help the outcome anyway.

  2. Trelfani on said:

    As we say in family law, “Snow White does not marry Hitler.” It seems she lost her famous “reserve” that night. What is extremely funny is that security waited 20 minutes to throw her out. The privilege of celebrity.

  3. loretta davis on said:

    Apparently, Micheal has move on dont waste your
    time Nicole, to bad he wasn’t the real man you thought
    you had. He did you a favor, move on…

    • @liv: Really!!?? Seriously!!?? How N the H do you know what, and why ALL black men do what they do??!! What ever your gender, and ethnicity…..does every one in that category do the same things you do?? I THINK NOT!!

      • The Judge on said:

        The really amazing thing is just how LITTLE most people know about this situation, and how willing they are to give some BS comments based on NO FACTS. This country and world will come to a final explosive end on some BS gossip. Not facts. Thanks TMZ, Wendy Williams, et al……….

  4. NICOLE IS TRASH on said:

    Her daughter did the same with the rapper/singer/pedifile she was dating, like mother like daughter, TRASH, uneducated trash.

  5. Sharon Jones on said:

    I hope, that she finds a “man” worthy of her love. Everyone knows, that some male’s are DOGS! She doesn’t deserve to be cheated on (no one does). A real “man”, would just end the relationship and move forward. Life, is toooooo short for the extra drama. Hell, sometimes it just doesn’t workout. Maybe, their relationship ran it’s course.

  6. Pamela on said:

    Why would any woman make such a fool of themselves like this. If she suspect him of cheating then walk away from the situation don’t go ghetto and embarrass her she in this manner – baby girl is way too OLD for this nonsense. Last but not least, what an example to set for your daughters Nicole

  7. HonestTruth on said:

    Michael do yourself a favor and forget about her. She’s a piece of trash, typical chick. You deserve better bro. Move on.

  8. nonthistime on said:

    Hes a piece of Shi????. He’s a liar and a control freak just ask his ex wifes. Lets find out who the woman is that he was in the hotel with and get her side of the story. Michael is not attractive and Nicole is the best chick he ever had. Have you seen his ex wife? I looked her up and found out that she took half his money and said he was gay and something about him spying on his sister in law. His ex wife had a lot of bad things to say about him so obviously he did her wrong also. He spyed on his wifes sister and put a tracking device in Nicoles car. This guy is a real winner. Good job girl he wasn’t shit before you and won’t be shit after you….

  9. So glad he did not marry her, she is showing true colors now. Her only claim to fame is marrying Eddie
    and she should have been gone from there long ago

  10. Robin on said:

    if it is true of both of them, then it is a good thing they did not get married. I thought Nicole was a classy woman, if she did do that, well, that’s stooping to another level. Let them each move on.

  11. Mike my man not to disrespect our queens for I am one my king you deserve better she didn’t even know what a real man was until she met you, and sisters if you want respect try giving the brothers some. He needs respect too.

    • @pac: It’s being brought up now bc it was recently announced that their engagement is off. What I want to know is why were they supposedly engaged for 5 year. Either someone is getting married, or they’re not. It doesn’t take 5 years for grown folks to get married. Aa crock!! Isn’t she on some reality show?? If so….thus the drama

  12. Let’s not forget a few years ago he put a tracking device on her car. They are both jealous of each other. If he never got the Kelly job he would be kissing her a$$ since she has more money than he has.

    • pac4me on said:

      Wrong Joy – he may not have as much as she, but he had a job broadcasting sports which pays him a nice sum of $ where he wouldn’t have to kiss her sorry narrow a$$

  13. Olivia on said:

    So no-one has any sympathy for the Lady? Her man is cheating whether shes been passed around or not he must have told her they were together or something for her to go off like this! When a man has dated and/or married numerous women we don’t say he’s been passed around or that he’s a whore. Let’s try to start keeping our comments equal.

    • True that Olivia. A woman is referred to as a whore if she’s had multiple partners, and a man is referred to as a playa. DOUBLE STANDARD as usual.

  14. This old broad has been passed around like a teaspoon of peanut butter on a whole loaf of bread. Who cares about a ancient fame whore who’s main claim to fame is marrying famous people? Bouncy. Jay “Joe Camel” Z. Nicki Manasty. Kim Kartrashian The Human Mattress. Dumbye West. These five over exposed, overrated pests are all we hear about. Can we get a small break? Surely there has to be more newsworthy content out there somewhere.

  15. This old broad has been spread around like a teaspoon of peanut butter on a whole loaf of bread. Can we please move on to something other than some old fame whore, whose only claim to fame is marrying famous people? And while you’re at it, can we get a small break from the play-by-play of Bouncy, Jay Z and Nicki Manasty? Surely there is more newsworthy content out there somewhere.

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