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So there’s a rapper named Your Old Droog that has the internets abuzz. No one knows who he is, although he sounds EXACTLY like Nas. However, every credible rap source online has said that it’s not Nas, including, apparently Nas. Whoever it is, he’s got  a big crush on MSNBC anchor, Tamron Hall. He composed a rap dedication to Hall, which goes a little something like this….

This is pretty funny, you must admit. Either Nas is letting Hall know that he’s got a thang for her, or someone is impersonating Nas and hoping that will create publicity for his new project.

It’s not like Nas and Tamron Hall wouldn’t make a cute couple. After all, despite their respective youthful looks, Nas is 40 and will be 41 next month. Hall is 43 and will be 44 next month. Oh, and they’re both Virgos. Isn’t that sweet?

Listen to Your Old Droog and make the comparison.


So…..Is this Nas or nah? Let us know! (If it isn’t Nas, he may be able to sue for copyright infringement!)

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