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People are still speculating why Beyonce and Jay Z didn’t attend Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s wedding. Well, it’s simple. Gary With Da Tea said Jay Z lost respect for Kanye when he got with Kim K. Sooo, why would he then attend the wedding? That’s not the only reason. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear why Bey wasn’t having it, either!

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43 thoughts on “The Reason Jay Z Lost Respect For Kanye West

  1. selma on said:

    i truly think that if jay was a true friend he would honored his friend… his friendship seemed very fake. a man’s friendship is stronger than the opposite sex friendship. Jay totally acted like a pure female dog in this situation

  2. Douglas on said:

    Kanye was disappointed with Jay for not showing up at his wedding. All guys fall in love with the wrong women. Kim K has F&*kd a lot of guys but what of Kanye? hasnt he also screwed half of hollywood? they are perfect match. I dont see Hov and Ye making the sequel to “watch the throne”. It was an unfair decision by Hov.

  3. Both Jay Z and Kanye are nothing but filthy mouth thugs and Kim HO is the no. 1 paid HO in the US. She was taking nude photos of herself before her wedding to put in her wedding photo album and she was sending them out to men. Now Beyoncé is a step above Kim HO, well many steps but Jay Z is bringing her down.

  4. And stop talking about the hospital incident, many celebrities shut shit down when it comes to their personal lives, you ain’t bitching about George Clooney or some rock star….

  5. You could tell J wasn’t in Kanye’s corner, one because Yezzy was acting all crazy with the paparazzi, like he couldn’t handle fame, yet J and Bey walk with stride and no paparzzi tries them like that, you’d think Yezzy would have gotten some advice from them. All sweatin in his interviews…I’m GOD and all that mess, you know damn well J and Bey were like, really fool? you GOD? Also he’s a dick and again you’d think J would tell him how the game is played, but Yezzy brings that heat on himself because he spits out crap and then when the media goes after him he looks ridiculous trying to handle it….All bitching about how the design world is shutting him out, no shit sherlock, you think because you got the $$ those rich white folks aren’t going to put the barriers up even more? But then he has so much money he could buy his own company and then some…….

  6. due lady on said:

    Jay Z wants all the attention for him and Q Bey; however if he were a real man, he would give his blessings and honor Kayne blessings. now Jay Z might want Kim K for himself; because we all do know that Jay Z likes cheating and do not discriminate on raciest; Q BEY might not be have a come back p-u-s-s.

  7. candace on said:

    I like Kanye way better than Jay. So what if he married Kim. Atleast she is not fake like Beyonce. If he was really his friend he would have went anyway.

  8. Maybe because they figured with Kim K’s track record with marriage, they might have time to attend the next one. Probably in a couple of years from now?

  9. raebabie on said:


  10. Just saw the picture of Kanye West looking lovingly at his child while she sat on his lap–looks a lot better than Jay-Z getting bitch slapped in an elevator because he cheated on his wife.

  11. Jay, some of us have lost respect for you so try and work on yours and stop talking about loosing respect for a fellow artist.

  12. Donna Scott on said:

    Jay should have respected the fact the his friend chose to be with who he loves. I respect Kanye for not allowing anybody to dictate who he spends his life with. Sometimes we behave as if we are perfect. Im sure the girl is not sleeping around now. As long you guys are happy more power to you.

  13. toldyouso on said:

    Oh please, Beyoncé is about as talented at Kim Karskankian, these are useless women. and their men are no better… all full of themselves and nothing but garbage.

  14. MarcDogg76 on said:

    I am a BIG Kanye and Jay Z fan. I have to somewhat agree with Jay Z losing respect for Kanye over Kim. They have literal columns written on Kim and her past such as “see which 10 celebrities have slept with Kim K.” Although she is beautiful everything she has gained has been on her knees or off her back literally. She has NO talent other how she looks and that will fade. Now everywhere we read there are “already troubles in their marriage”. Like the old saying goes. ” You can’t turn a HO into a housewife”. Kanye broke that age old rule.

  15. Peaches on said:

    This story is coming out now because they want to take the heat off of their marital troubles, why now with this fabricated story!

  16. The Bottom Line on said:

    Whatever. Jay Z is no peach. He’s still a roughneck N. He’s just worth 5 times as much as Kanye…ten times if you add Beyonce’s net worth. But at the end of the day, they initially accepted the invitation and then didn’t show. Not cool. As for marrying Kim K being “bad for business”, he LOVES her, and has for years. I lose all respect for people who encourage people to not follow their heart because of money. Black people are supposed to know better than that.

  17. Tony Angelo on said:

    Black America web ??? Good thing there’s no White America Web…that would be racist, and there would be rallies, and marches…but go ahead and enjoy your selective outrage..hmm

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