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The Sherri Shepherd drama just got a little bit messier.

TMZ reports:

Lamar Sally got a slew of baby gifts from just about everyone in his life except one person … the woman who had signed on to be the mother –– Sherri Shepherd.

The baby was due Thursday. It’s being carried by a surrogate and Lamar and Sherri were once looking forward to raising the kid together … until he filed for separation and she filed for divorce. Now she wants a clean break from Lamar and the kid.

Lamar’s friends have given him gift cards, baby clothes and lots of stuff for the nursery. Lamar has dropped $5K on a changing station, crib, baby swing and rocking chair. But Sherri has not so much as given him a diaper on which the kid can crap.

Sherri believes Lamar defrauded her into signing on with the surrogate, claiming he always planned on leaving her and this was just a transparent ploy to get child support.

When the baby is born, Lamar says he’ll bestow the name he and Sherri picked — Lamar Jr.

Is he trying to provoke Sherri at this point?

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21 thoughts on “HUH?! Sherri Shepherd’s Estranged Husband Has Baby Shower

  1. Sherri is one nasty, triflin, awful person. How many times a day do we hear how so and so babydaddy is a DEAD BEAT because he isn’t around for his baby or he doesn’t go to the birth or nothing. But now we got Miss Sherri here and she’s a woman so that’s okay? smh, smh, smh. She made a commitment to be that baby’s mama and now she gonna go back on it because she’s mad at Daddy? Mmm. Girl ought to be praising Him Above that her baby (YES HER BABY) has a Daddy that loves him because that poor thing won’t be having a mama anytime soon.

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  3. Waverly on said:

    I really do wish Sherry the best with this situation, and hope thay can come to some happy medium, Sally just needs to get ready to take care of his kid and be one in life with him/her.

  4. J Russell on said:

    Prayers are with you Sherri that you will be VICTORIUS in this SCAM. SHAME ON YOU SALLY – YOUR LAST NAME REFLECTS A P_ _ _ S _ _ __Y. How Dare you. I PRAY JUSTICE PREVAILS FOR SHERRI. GOD BLESS SHERRI!!! GOD’S WILL BE DONE!!!

  5. woodarddi on said:

    I see everybody putting down the man (salli) but I see nobody holding Sherri accountable. Sherri was all over the view saying ” me and Lamar gonna get a surrogate” and this and that, and now she is trying to say he defrauded her into the surrogate. She talked about interviewing lots of women and knowing how to recognize the bad ones and how they were going to have a great surrogate. How can she have lawyers work on contracts with the surrogate and after this woman signs and agrees, say now she does not want the baby. I could even see her fighting Lamar over the baby, but saying she wants nothing to do with the baby after paying and hiring this woman to carry the baby for nine months is scandalous!

    • I said it. on said:

      No one is denying that. What is beint said is that he had ulterior motives that she was unaware of. She understands that she was duped. He had a plan that she wasn’t privy to.

  6. Vanessa on said:

    This man has already deemed that Sherri will be paying child support. Sherri definitely married a loser and a moocher. Too bad women pick the wrong men and pay the price of not wanting to be alone. This man is definitely sorry and wasn’t packing anything but a swinging you know what and an empty pocket.

  7. Terry Mcmillan, Star Jones, Jackee Harry, Sherri Shepard, and the common denominator? gurls open your eyes, come into reality fo real fo real

    • I said it. on said:

      Kim, are you insinuating something about these men, other than they married successful black women? I know they are rumored to be gay, but I’m sure not Lamar…

  8. Sheri got this guys cookies and now the balance is due…..When women does this……people are all good…but when a man find a sugar momma people think it’s a con job……

  9. TERRY on said:

    There are men who do that, it happen to me, I never though he showed the love she showed him on. I could not see what she saw in him. It’s so sad. But God will take care of who ever is in the wrong!

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