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1. Angela Bassett

Angela and Courtney tried for seven years to have a baby. Unable to carry, they were overjoyed when they had twins (boy & girl) via surrogate in 2006.

2. George Lucas and Mellody Hobson

George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson welcomed a surrogate daughter, Everest Hobson Lucas, last year.

3. Sherri Shepherd & Lamar Sally

Sherri Shepherd & Lamar Sally

She and estranged husband went the surrogate route to become parents, but Shepherd did not provide an egg, according to reports and now wishes to sever all parental rights and responsibilities.

4. Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Giuliana Rancic and her husband welcomed a baby boy, Edward Duke Rancic, in August 2012.

5. Michael Jackson – Blanket (pictured)

Michael Jackson’s youngest son Blanket – real name Prince Michael Jackson II – was born via a secret surrogate in 2002. After his death, it was rumored that the surrogate mother was a Mexican nurse called Helena. Apparently, the late King of Pop paid her a $20,000 surrogacy fee and lavished her with gifts, as well as paying generous expenses to staff to meet all her needs.

6. Matt Bomer and Simon Halls

Actor Matt Bomer and his publisher partner Simon Halls really have their work cut out! The pair have three sons born via surrogate, including a set of twins!

7. Robert DeNiro and Toukie Smith

Robert De Niro and model Toukie Smith were already separated by the time their twin sons Julian Henry and Aaron Kendrick were born to a surrogate mother in 1995.

8. Grace Hightower & Robert DeNiro

In December 2011, the super private couple announced that they had welcomed a daughter named Helen Grace, who was born via surrogate. At the time Grace was 56 and Robert was 68.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick added to their family with the help of a surrogate. The couple, who already had son James Wilkie, welcomed twin girls in 2009.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid star announced that he had become a father, but said the mother wished to remain anonymous and he would be the child’s sole guardian.

11. Ricky Martin

Latino pop singer Ricky Martin added ‘dad’ to his long list of titles when he welcomed twin sons Matteo and Valentino via a surrogate mother in August 2008.

12. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Nicole and Keith welcomed a daughter in 2010 with the help of a surrogate. Although Kidman was 41 when she gave birth to their first daughter together, we assume that it may have been difficult to conceive at 43.

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