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Brandy’s still holding out hope that she’ll eventually find Mr. Right, but she’s worried there isn’t much time left.

It was announced back in April, that Brandy and her fiance Ryan Press had split up, breaking their 15-month engagement off. She’s ready to get back out into the dating scene, but Brandy wants to make sure that her next romance lasts a lifetime.

Before she spills her guts on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” tomorrow, the singer dropped by “The Daily Help Line” to find out how to get (and keep) the diamond ring.

“I’ve been in relationships before. I’ve been the heartbreaker; I have had my heart-broken to pieces,” she said. “I just want to know the secret of making it work, ’cause time is ticking. I’m 35, and I’m trying to one day get to the next level. You know, marriage maybe?”

The female host, Spirits, gave Brandy the age-old wisdom that communication and accountability are necessary for a relationship to thrive.

“If there was something that we could bottle, honestly, everybody wants to know the secret,” said Spirits. “You’re not really going to like the answer because I think communication every day is the key. And I honestly think that most people are not willing to do what it takes to make a marriage work, much less a relationship.”

She added, “I really think that relationships are hard, and people don’t want to work hard.”

Getting married is only part of the equation, though. Once vows have been exchanged, Spirits believes that couples have to be willing to do what it takes to keep the relationship together. She stresses that while your personal happiness is a necessity, divorce should never be an option. She reasons, “When you take it off the table, then you have the opportunity for resolution, you have the opportunity to forgive, and you have the opportunity for forever. Forgive.”

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