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One woman is crying foul after a popular New York Club refused to let her and another friend inside to party.

A former college athlete, who chose to remain anonymous, told that she believes she was refused entrance into 1Oak based on her race. While the lounge has hosted celebrities of all colors, the woman was stopped at the door on July 26, when she rolled up with two friends: one white, one black.

The slighted reveller didn’t come up with the accusations of outright racism on her own. The doorman waved her white friend through when they showed their idea, but he cut them off with the velvet rope. “Sorry, ladies, not gonna happen tonight,” she recalled him saying at the time.

Flabbergasted by the denial, the victim said that she and her friend, “continue to stand there for a couple minutes, slightly confused.” While they were standing in line, the bouncer let more of the victim’s party, who also happened to be white, into the club. She and her friend were still left standing outside hoping to eventually get access.

She began to notice that the doorman wasn’t being as unwelcoming to other white patrons, liberally granting them entrance into the club. The would-be partier and her friend saw that “some with purple and orange hair, some with flats on and some severely under-dressed for a club,” and the bouncer still let them in.

1Oak isn’t denying that its very selective about who is allowed into its venue, but reps say the club is “anything but racist.” Instead, they argue that the club employees “a strict door policy that sees many men and women of many ethnicities get turned down … at the doorman’s discretion.”

Then the establishment threw some shade at the victim and her friend stating that their complaints, which the club claims to be taking very seriously, are nothing more than “a severe case of sour grapes from someone who has never seen the inside of 1 OAK.”

This is not the first time that 1Oak has been slammed with accusations of discrimination. The lounge was sued in 2008 over claims that co-owner Scott Sartiano “did not like Black and Asian people” because he had a fear of them. The plaintiffs, two former employees, filed suit because the nightclub fired the four black and Asian floor server had at the time.

Outside of 1Oak’s denials, it should be noted that the club was packed with black girls and guys on July 1, when Trey Songz had his “Trigga” album release party.


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2 thoughts on “NYC Nightclub 1OAK Accused Of Discrimination & Racism…Again

  1. I guess the Ultimate last straw was when that old white guy in the bath robe
    and fuzy house slippers was waved on through

  2. Linda on said:

    This club should be boycotted until it is made to eventually go out of business!!!!

    This is 2014 not 1814–the co-owner is scared of Black folks and Asians–really!!!!!!

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