OWINGS MILLS, Md. (AP) — Ray Rice stepped to the microphone, took a deep breath and spoke for 17 minutes about what he called “the biggest mistake of his life.”

His arrest for domestic violence against his then-fiancee last February is something Rice figures will haunt him long after NFL career has ended.

The Baltimore Ravens running back was arrested on assault charges following a Feb. 15 altercation in New Jersey in which he allegedly struck Janay Palmer. Rice has been accepted into a diversion program, which upon completion could lead to the charges being dropped.

“My actions that night were totally inexcusable,” said Rice, who during Ravens training camp Thursday spoke publicly for the first time since receiving a two-game suspension from the NFL.

“My daughter is 2 years old now. One day she’s going to know the power of Google. Me having to explain that to her, what happened that night, that’s something I have to live with the rest of my life.”

Rice was referring to a grainy video in which he is shown dragging Palmer, now his wife, from an elevator at an Atlantic City casino. He did not address the incident at an impromptu news conference in May, and although he refused to divulge details on Thursday, he dismissed the notion that he was provoked.

“I don’t want to keep re-living the incident. I’m trying to move forward,” he said. “What happened that night was a huge mistake, and that’s what I’ll keep it at. I don’t condone any of my behavior. I take full responsibility for my actions. My wife can do no wrong.”

Rice wore a Ravens polo shirt and a pained expression throughout the session. More than a dozen TV cameras were in place, some telecasting the interview live, and several of his teammates stood behind the throng to show their support.

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6 thoughts on “Ray Rice: ‘I Made The Biggest Mistake Of My Life’ [VIDEO]

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  3. Timekeeper on said:

    there is only one reason that Jesus Christ came into thiw world. For the very fact that humans are NOT willing to give each other a second chance and dont believe in the fact that a person can change. Thank God for salvation. I am certain there will be plenty of amens and hallelujahs on Sunday from folks who will contune to hrow Ray rice under the bus and at the same time testify in front of their own congregation on how they were saved from their own wrongdoing.

  4. Greuvey on said:

    I love that he is not just reading a prepared statement, but speaking from his heart. Not only is he saying the right words, but you can see the pain in his eyes and hear it in his voice. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I do not believe in rehabilitation when it comes to domestic violence, but I am willing to give him another chance – just one. I hope he and his wife do start some kind of foundation that brings attention to the connection between professional sports and violence.

    Come on Ray – show us how a real man “comes correct!”

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