The NYPD officers who shot and killed 16-year-old Kimani Gray will not face criminal charges, reports the Daily News.

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According to court documents, “[prosecutors] are not pursuing criminal charges against the (officers) and will not be presenting case to the grand jury.”

The decision came after a recently-completed investigation ordered by Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, sources said.

A DA spokeswoman confirmed the office will not present the case to a grand jury.

Police have said Gray pointed a loaded .38-caliber handgun at the officers and claimed he was ordered to drop it.

But his family and lawyers noted that out of seven bullets that struck the teen, three entered from his back, suggesting he was running away.

Dozens were arrested in subsequent protests, including Kimani’s sister, and at least two officers were lightly injured in the fracas.

As previously reported by NewsOne, in a moving letter sent home with students, Matt Willoughby, principal of the Urban School of Design and Construction, painted a clear picture of Gray, remembering his determination, academic achievement and positive energy. He wrote about Gray traveling an hour to get to school each day and how focused he was on succeeding.

In a heart-wrenching passage, Willoughby shared with everyone what Gray was involved in before two officers, Sgt. Mourad Mourad and Officer Jovaniel Cordova, pumped 7 bullets into his slight frame: dramatic dialogue in English, construction of a school in Design — a project that his group will have to complete without him.

The grieving principal remembers Gray as a good person, striving everyday to grow and be his best self.

Officers Mourad and Cordova are no strangers to excessive force. As previously reported by NewsOne, the city has paid $215,000 to settle three lawsuits brought against them — all by people who said they were illegal stopped and “roughed up.”

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6 thoughts on “NYPD Officers Who Shot And Killed Kimani Gray Will Not Face Criminal Charges

  1. lylas on said:

    Well Jiggy5 looks like you have nothing better to do but make hateful comments. Your life must be miserable and boring. Probably don’t have a family to keep you busy. Maybe your wife or husband left you for a more meaningful relationship. Anyway God Bless and may He help you find peace. Ps. You must love thank you for keeping our website numbers up.

  2. A 16-year-old aspiring sociopath pulls a gun, aims it at cops and is shot to death in response.
    Actions have consequences.
    Then his friends, to mark his passing, go on to trash the neighborhood — looting a pharmacy and beating at least two innocent people in the process.
    You’d almost think it was Chicago. But no, it was East Flatbush, Brooklyn. And who was to blame for all the mayhem? Why, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, of course. Silly even to ask.

  3. Honestly on said:

    Cave n!@@ers with or without badges murder Nubian people and get away with it. That is why after hearing that a cave n!@@er killed another cave n!@@er with a badge yesterday in Minnesota, I rejoiced. You neanderthal apes should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  4. Linda on said:

    This sends the wrong message to NYPD cops who seem to have a serious problem killing our children and as well as adults!!!!

    I don’t believe that this kid pointed a gun or even had a gun. Cops have been known to plant evidence to bolster their case and to justify their MURDERS!!!!!

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