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Think George Zimmerman’s time patrolling areas at night is a thing of the past? Think again.

A DeLand, Florida police report mentioned that the former neighborhood watchman was back on the job when police found him sitting in his dark colored truck outside of Pompano Pat’s just after midnight on Sunday. Zimmerman is no stranger to Pompano Pat’s in that the store, which sells firearms and motorcycles, offered him a free gun after he was acquitted of Trayvon Martin’s murder last year.

According to the report, authorities said Zimmerman was “very cooperative” as he explained to the responding officer that he had the permission of Pompano Pat’s owner Pat Johnson to be on the property and was patrolling the area since there had been a recent burglary.

Zimmerman provided officers with a phone number for Johnson, whom they were unable to contact. The report goes on to state that Zimmerman told officers that Johnson had asked him to leave his dog inside the business. However, Zimmerman had other ideas as he decided he and his dog would wait in the parking lot.

Zimmerman told officers that “he was going to be around the business at night for an indeterminate amount of time,” the report stated.

Chatting with ABC News, Sam Porter, an employee of Pompano Pat’s, revealed that Zimmerman is not an employee of the gun shop and is not being paid to patrol the business.”

“George is a really nice guy and really tries to help folks out,” Porter said. “I felt he was trying to do something nice.”

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