NBA star Kevin Durant and WNBA star Monica Wright called it quits a year after their engagement.

And Wright called it off for some very religious reasons. She doesn’t agree with her ex-fiance’s lifestyle.

She called him out for not being able to sacrifice his single-like lifestyle for her and their future marriage.

“I was engaged last year and it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for,” Wright revealed.

Reportedly, not only is Wright not feeling Durant’s un-Christian ways, he cheated on her as well.

The other woman’s name is Mercedes, allegedly — who he was seeing behind Wright’s back. (This does sound unholy though. )

Mercedes, according to Mstarz, revealed back in February she didn’t care he had a fiancee. She allegedly tweeted and deleted a comment, “”I don’t care that KD has a wife, wife or no wife he still f– the same.”

She then tweeted and wrote to Durant, “@KDTrey5 enjoyed seeing you the other night. Men cheat on their wives a lot, stop acting like brand new.”

Yeah, it’s over! Fans have been offering their support to Wright after her break up though.

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