As we previously reported, Bobby Brown left the New Edition tour because of health issues. The troubles reportedly came to a head during a performance in which B. Brown could not complete the choreography on stage and simply walked off.

Well, according to RadarOnline, Bobby Brown is deciding to take his talents back to the New Edition tour. Sources told Radar that Brown did in fact have a medical procedure in Atlanta not too long after he left the tour. He reportedly had a stint put into his heart. However, Brown’s camp has not either confirmed or denied that story.

Brown’s son Bobby Brown Jr., 21, told Radar,“He’s fine. He’s about to go back and finish the last six shows.”

Well…it doesn’t get any clearer than that!

We hope that Bobby is healthy enough to take that workout again. New Edition dances throughout their show…even on the slow songs!

We wish him the best of luck on the rest of the tour!

We’re sure he’s happy that he can return and we’re sure his  fans will be happy that he is returning too! Everyone wins!

2 thoughts on “Bobby Brown Returns To The New Edition Tour

  1. Saw him in Cincinnati at Macy’s Music Fest. He did a great job. He struggled a bit at the beginning….but he kept the crowd hype and as ALWAYS NE gave a great show! The crowd was pumped to see all 6 members.They did a great show in the pouring rain.

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