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Blooooop! Not only did NeNe Leakes shade Wendy Williams, she might be trying to take her talk show slot! Creator of, Natasha Eubanks joined “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to dish on all the latest tea.

Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear the details she drops on a potential talk show for the real housewife of Atlanta. Plus, hear Natasha discuss Jay Z and Beyonce‘s struggle marriage, and why Sherri Shepherd is a THOT!

Get the latest from Gary’s Tea here and listen LIVE at 7:30 am & 8:30 am EST on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show”!

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17 thoughts on “Did NeNe Leakes Land Her Own Talk Show?

  1. I like her………… its sherri shepperd who is the untalented creep but thinks she is a star. what a joke. don have her on your show girl cause she is going to be knocking, you cannot trust that woman

  2. Might as well. Look at the untalented freaks that have shows now. Wendy, Bethany, the trash on The View. Some of The Talk, especially the brain bead Brit and the baboon and one host who looks like she does most of the show with her eyes closed. Why not another ugly, untalented bozo.???

  3. Geneve on said:

    Nene has the big head and constantly bragged about being a rich bitch!!! she needs to be humble and stop being so arrogant and think about your humble beginnings, then perhaps we can give you some respect, from rags to riches and will excuse you being ignorant & superficial…you are not really rich what we call a rich is OPRAH and she is humble advise for Nene she needs to be humble and tone her arrogance down !!!

  4. I would give Nene’s talk show a chance if she gets one. To the naysayers, why not giver her a chance? She just might do a good job. Good luck to her, hope she gets a shot at it. After, there’s only been a few women of color or people of color in general who had had such an opportunity. I think she at least deserves a chance to show what she can do. There’s enough room for both her and Wendy.

  5. rochelle on said:

    i love leakes! she has talk show chops: i think she was great when she guest co-hosted the view and in her wwhl segment with andy when she turned the tables and interviewed him. team nene!

    • Faith Britton on said:

      I’m not a fan of NeNe and personally wouldn’t watch her show. However, Wendy’s stupid. What place do you think Wendy’s in that NeNe would need to aspire to.

  6. CeeCee on said:

    The woman can barley speak in a coherent sentence. How in the world can she host a talk show. What in the world is TV entertainment coming to.

  7. I think NeNe Leakes is a supherb actor, can handle any situation and is not perfect just like the rest of us. We must remember she is an actor. I think her true personality is a very caring and supportive woman. However, do not rub her the wrong way, she hates betrayal.

  8. LOL @ the first comment! I like Wendy and think she is funny, but she is very “draggy” looking… maybe she should pose in Black Beaver and put the doubts to rest. That’s the only way, Wendy.

    If Nene does have her own show, good luck to her. She seems to “keep it real” and has no problem putting an ignant in their respective place. She tells it lilke it is! I think there is enough room for both divas…

  9. I would prefer NeNe to join “The View” with Rosie & Whoops. She is awesome! So funny and not mean spirited like awful drag queen Wendal ie Wendy Williams. America knows your a man Wendy STOP lying!

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