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NEW YORK (AP) — An overflow crowd packed a church and sang songs on Wednesday at the funeral of a man who died in police custody after an officer placed him in an apparent chokehold.

Eric Garner’s relatives stopped in front of his open casket, some weeping and wailing. A preacher opened the service at Brooklyn’s Bethel Baptist Church with a mix of solemn prayer and an organ-backed gospel medley.

Garner, who had asthma, died last week on Staten Island. An amateur video shows a plainclothes police officer placing him in what appears be a chokehold. Garner, who police suspected of selling untaxed cigarettes, can be heard gasping, “I can’t breathe!”

At the church, the program depicted Garner as an angel and included a collage of photographs from his life and death, including one of a sign echoing what he told officers before he died: “This Stops Today.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton told the crowd he was scheduled to meet Friday with the U.S. attorney’s office, and he called for a civil rights probe. He took Ramsey Orta, the man who shot the video, to the lectern and praised him for recording the arrest.

Sharpton fired up the crowd with a point-by-point dissection of the events that led to Garner’s death.

“Yes, God will make a way, but God expects something of us,” he said. “When you can, in broad daylight, choke one of God’s children, he expects us to stand up and demand justice.”

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9 thoughts on “Chokehold Victim Eric Garner Laid To Rest In NYC

  1. REALLY…….. you should change your moniker to drwillno411 idioatic statement. Just unacceptable behavior and comments.

  2. This would have been out of jail in HOURS but he is dead because HE forced police to use force! I am tired of my people reacting emotionally, like little children, rather than rationally and strategically. If you are about to be arrested falsely, don’t fight! That is an opportunity to get paid BIG MONEY. If you learn how to SUE, the less likely things like this will happen to you. He was claiming the cops had a “habit” of harassing and arresting him which a lawyer could have EASILY proved. So, the stage for a lucrative law suit was already set. Now his family will sue but that won’t do HIM any good. He would be alive today and in position to be relatively richer if he had responded rationally rather than reacting emotionally.
    Please read my blog: WHY DO GOOD PEOPLE CAUSE MORE MURDER?

    • Truth007 on said:

      But wasn’t this a “plain clothes officer?” I am not sure what happened but if an off duty officer or “Plain clothe officer” approached me without ID I don’t doubt for one minute of me complying. People are crazy nowadays and regardless this seems to be excessive force. I know officers has a hard job but part of it is keeping your cool.

    • Juanita Dee. on said:

      Sorry but you idiotic statement leads me to believe you are not Black. The dr moniker must be what you think of yourself and not something that you have earned. You state he should have sued for harassment and it would have been easily proved. He was arrested over 30 times. At that point it’s probable cause not harassment by any judge or jury. You have false belief in a justice system that is designed to be on the side of whites and the law.

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