LAS VEGAS (AP) — Civil rights leaders at the NAACP annual convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday worried that dwindling African-American turnout in November could lead to the expansion of voter-identification laws that make it harder for that community to vote in subsequent contests.

In 2012, blacks turned out at a higher rate than whites for what is believed to be the first time in American history and helped re-elect President Obama. But in the prior midterm election, in 2010, blacks turned out at a much lower rate, and Republicans won control of the House of Representatives and many state and local offices.

Jotaka Eaddy, the NAACP’s voting rights director, told a panel on black turnout and voter suppression that “as a result we saw a wave of voter-suppression laws.” Eaddy said 22 states passed laws stiffening requirements on the identification needed to vote, a move that disproportionately affects poor and minority voters.

Added the Rev. William Barber, an NAACP board member: “We’re in a position to have 2010 all over again unless we do something about it.”

Polls have shown that Democrats, including black voters, are far less enthusiastic about the coming midterm elections than Republicans, who could win control of the U.S. Senate. President Obama has said that Democrats have to learn to mobilize voters in non-presidential elections.

One way blacks have been motivated is by warnings of Republican attempts to limit their ability to vote. Republicans say they are only trying to stamp out voter fraud, but Democrats have highlighted the efforts to mobilize black voters. That effort continued Tuesday as speakers noted that the upcoming election will occur as the Voting Rights Act has, in their view, been gutted by a 2013 U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks said in an interview that because turnout generally drops among all groups in midterm elections, each vote has an even bigger impact — making voter protections more critical.

“Off-year elections only emphasize the degree to which we need a full and robust Voting Rights Act,” Brooks said.

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4 thoughts on “NAACP Convention Focuses On Mid-Term Voting

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  2. The NAACP is on the side of the illegals and against blacks on this issue. Unemployment among Blacks will not be helped by legalizing and granting
    amnesty to 10 million illegal immigrants who now compete unfairly with them for
    jobs. In fact, unemployment among Blacks will be hurt by such a measure. (Read
    this article and pay particular attention to the first two paragraphs and know
    that that situation whereby illegal immigrants take jobs from Blacks is
    multiplied by thousands of instances
    So that one article proves that illegals steal jobs from Americans!

    And jobs are being stolen in many fields, including construction, hospitality,
    restaurants and food production, manufacturing and more!)
    And realize that there is no such thing as free pie. Jobs are limited
    and are not brought to the USA in
    backpacks in plane flights here or across the Rio Grande. Resources are
    limited. For every Spanish book or DVD in the public library, there is one less
    English book or DVD. For every English as a Second Language class or teacher in
    school, there’s one less advanced English or remedial English class in school.
    This will work to solve the immigration problem—and not on the backs of Blacks.
    And when it comes to crime, crime rates are not the issue.
    The question is do they add to crime. And the answer is yes–if
    they have any crime rate at all–and they do.
    So when it comes to employment and to crime, the questions
    are who are advantaged by illegal immigrants? And who is disadvantaged by
    illegal immigrants? And how much disadvantage should be paid to give the
    advantage? That is “Whose ox is gored?” Well, for the
    jobs and resources, it’s illegals that are advantaged and Americans–black and
    otherwise–that are disadvantaged. Some might think that the job loss is
    small–only a couple of million–but do YOU like the illegals so much that you
    would give them or one of them YOUR job? I don’t think so. So don’t give
    them the jobs of your fellow Americans who should come first since this is America.
    Amnesty (so called comprehensive immigration reform) puts the interest of
    illegals in tront of the interests of Americans .
    And the same applies for crime. They add to crime and
    you might think that the addition to crime is small. But wait, what if
    YOU or you family member or your relative is the victim of that additional
    crime? Would you want you or yours to be the victim of those rapes, murders,
    thefts, etc. I don’t think so. Again, since this is America,
    Americans should come first! Amnesty (so called comprehensive immigration
    reform) puts the interest of illegals in tront of the interests of Americans .
    This is immigration reform you
    can believe in. There is no need for an
    expensive border fence or to spend billions on more boots on the ground at the
    border. Illegals come here for
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    the magnet that attracts them. So turn
    off the magnet. Make it clear that they
    won’t get what they want if they come here illegally. How? This
    is comprehensive immigration reform: 1. Require E-Verify for all current and
    future employees and couple it with a swift appeals process for those who do
    not pass E-Verify. 2. Couple that with severe (at least $20,000 per illegal
    hired per day if hired without E-Verify permission and disallow (make not
    permissible under the Internal Revenue Code) any expense deduction for such
    hires. They will be unemployable by employers.
    With these measures, deportation is not needed and the illegals will go
    home and out of the US
    by plane, train, automobile and foot. Problem solved.
    To grant illegal immigrants
    amnesty and therefore allow them to keep the jobs that they have stolen –disproportionately
    from African Americans would be a stab in the back by Obama. Illegal immigrants
    do take jobs from Black Americans. Illegal immigrants separate their own
    families if they are deported. (Hey, they knew when they acted illegally to
    stay or enter the county that they could be deported at anytime and they may
    take their families with them if they are deported. And no one says that the
    government is ripping apart families when parents convicted of crimes go the
    jail. The separating of families is the natural consequence of criminal
    violations of the law in each case.)
    Obama’s plans for amnesty
    have contributed to the flood of illegals coming across the border and now he
    plans to send the good American people the bill for feeding, clothing, housing
    and schooling the illegals. And Obama
    wants to pay for their legal representation to boot! (If I go to court, I have to hire my own
    attorney.) Resouces are limited. That’s $3.7 billion that could be used to
    feed, cloth, house, school America’s
    children. So Obama wants to give
    illegals your job and give their children your childrens’ jobs and send you the
    bill for it! How pathetic!

  3. So…is the NAACP advocating for blacks and colored people (funny how we get upset when OTHER people call us colored but…) to vote for one/the same person? Only fools would do this. Following the word/rule of one man/group is how our people were sold and enslaved back in the 1400’s. Stop listening to other people and learn to make decisions for yourself and your family.

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