Just when the world thought that Floyd Mayweather‘s beef with T.I. was over, the boxer took another jab at the King of the South!

Fighters are known to talk a lot of smack during fight press conferences, but the shots are usually aimed at their opponents.

While promoting his upcoming rumble with Marcos Maidana, one reporter asked Floyd why he was beefing with Tip. While it has nothing to do with the fight, Floyd said, “He thinks I was f**king his b*tch.” Look for it around the 2:17 mark in the video below.

Originally people thought that Floyd claimed, “He just mad I was f**king his b*tch.” The boxing champ cleared htings up by giving the correct quote to TMZ.

Either way, this sheds a bit more light on why T.I. jumped Floyd back in May. At the time, it seemed like the rapper was just overreacting to Tiny taking a pic with Floyd around Memorial Day.

However, Floyd assured that T.I.’s got nothing to worry about because he’s not into married women. “I’ve never been with Tiny sexually,” Floyd insisted. “I respect her situation and I think she’s a good person. I would never disrespect a marriage.”


16 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Denies Making Claims He Slept With T.I.’s Wife Tiny

  1. C.A.A. on said:

    I kind of agree with clay. You guys are beginning to become like another “GOSSIP” colum of some sort. You guys have a great morning show, awesome promotion/recognition of our own kind. Remember America laughs at us every day thinking of new ways to “exploit” us. What better way to do it like Pryor says: TV CAMERAS an all.

  2. Tiny is a beautiful and strong black woman. She doesn’t deserve to be disrespected by Floyd or anyone else making ignorant remarks. She’s proven that she is dedicated to TI and there kids.

  3. Steph on said:

    ugh!!! reading this just made me feel stupid. Who does the proof reading on this trash of an article? its things not htings! Stupid assholes!

  4. BROWN on said:

    Tiny a bad bitch and the real guys know it!! She down for her man and kids got her her $$ and swag and has been on the list of many men in the industry.

  5. OMG Floyd. You disrespected the marriage when you publicly called that man’s wife a bitch. You are promoting a fight. The question about T.I. should have been ignored. Money obviously does not make an individual smart.

  6. Tereek on said:

    This is what just actually happen- Reporter: “What about T.i., Mayweather: “What about the bitch? I was fucking his bitch.” That’s what was just said, verbatim. Floyd’s lying.

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