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Okay so either Katt Williams  is really about that crime spree life or somebody truly has it out for him. And with some of these odd stories that we keep hearing…we’re having trouble deciphering which one it is.

According to TMZ, Katt Williams is under criminal investigation because a man says the comedian used his Rolls Royce to harm him.

Katt was reportedly driving around near LAX on Tuesday when a guy named Glen Jackson pulled alongside him and tried to get a cell phone pic of the funnyman.  Jackson claims it triggered a volcanic reaction from Katt.

Next Jackson says that Katt and a bodyguard allegedly got out of the car, tried grabbing Jackson’s phone and  then pepper sprayed him.

Jackson says he stumbled out of the car, choking from the fumes, which was when Katt got back into his Rolls and hit the man in the leg with his car. And to literally add insult to the injury Jackson says that Katt then doused him in pepper spray one more time before driving off.

Inglewood Police are investigating the case as a possible assault with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon would be Katt’s car. The police would  like to speak with Katt and the bodyguard ASAP.

This is reportedly the 4th violent confrontation with Katt in 2 weeks and at this point it’s not looking that great. But again we can’t figure out if it’s really Katt acting like he has no sense in these streets or if Williams is just an easy target for people to mess with at this point. Hmmm…could it possibly be a little bit of both?

Given that he has a big HBO comedy special coming up in a few weeks, we sort of think he has too much on the line right now to be out here getting into all of this trouble. Isn’t it kind of odd that he’s been accused of A LOT of things and yet we see he isn’t in jail for any of them? We don’t mean to sound like conspiracy theorists but …we’re starting to think that either Katt is an easy target or some of the things that he has discussed over the years might have drawn the wrong attention.

There has been no word from Katt’s camp, so we guess we just have to stay tuned.


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3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again: Katt Williams Accused Of Assault With A Deadly Weapon

  1. Ok Katt……leave the pipe alone!! LOL LOL Several weeks ago when you were on Tom’s show you showed some resemblance of civility. What happened??!!

  2. Some celebrities don’t want to be bothered…y’all don’t understand that. I’m a ordinary person & I don’t wanna be bothered sometimes either…what? Stop that! lol what you looking at? Other times I’m like hey where’s everybody? lol

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