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One of New York’s bravest women is spicing up the New York Fire Department’s beefcake calendar.

Danae Mines has done something no other woman has ever done before by becoming the first lady to appear in the FDNY Calendar of Heroes. Reuters reports that she earned the honor of being Miss March in this years edition, which marks the 150th anniversary of the fire department.

Represenitng Engine Co. 60 from South Bronx, Dane rocked a gray FDNY tank top with red suspenders and gear belt in her shot. Crossing her arms to show off her guns, Danae wants other women to see that they can hold their own as a fire fighter.

She’d really love to see more women sign up to join her in the field since there are ony 41 female fire fighters in all of NYC. “I hope seeing my picture in the calendar inspires women to come on the job,” Danae told Reuters today.

Danae’s appearance in the calendar is really amazing, but not everyone was supportive of her flexing for the camera. She was even discouraged from auditioning at first, but she was determined to at least try for a spot in the calendar.

To her pleasant surprise, the men she auditioned with were incredibly supportive! “The guys made me feel comfortable,” she shared.

That excitement to have a woman join their ranks continued at a calendar signing event today in Times Square. “It’s fantastic,” Danae’s fellow firefighter John Killian said of her inclusion. “I’m proud of her and I’m proud that everybody was able to put this together.”

The FDNY Calendar of Heroes features 13 of New York’s Braves, and proceeds from the calendar’s sales will benefit the FDNY Foundation.


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