This is just….NO! Thank heaven for little girls huh? Man look, we wouldn’t ever be able to leave the house let alone face our fathers again if we did this! According to Gawker, a daddy’s girl named Nyjah, who goes by @dearfashionn on Twitter, became an overnight internet celebrity when she inadvertently texted a nude photo of herself to her dad instead of  to her man!

Nyjah went to Twitter in an attempt to figure out how to get the freakin message back from cyberspace but at that point…it was too late!

Her father was reportedly crushed (as any father would be!) and was already hitting her up relentlessly via phone, text and FaceTime.


College Student Mistakenly Texts Nude Photo to Her Dad, Who Flips Out

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Doh! According to Instagram…her father really did come over too!

We don’t know if they have reconciled yet or if Nyjah ever bothered to open the door for her daddy or not…but we sure hope she did! We also hope that they have gotten past it! Actually, we hope this is some ol’ “Catfish” type hoax! Because we simply can’t wrap our minds around being in either the father’s or the daughter’s positions!

[Editor’s Note: As Gawker quite correctly pointed out, it’s not that tough to stage iPhone screenshots, so this could be a hoax. But if it’s not, poor Nyjah is living a 21st-century waking nightmare.]

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8 thoughts on “WTF: Girl Accidentally Sent Nude Text To Her Daddy And Her Daddy Freaked Out [TEXTS]

  1. Guest on said:

    I don’t think this is funny!!! Glad Karen Dennis made the difficult decision and booted this hoodrat off her team at Ohio State!!!!! To all Nyjah’s former teammates, friends etc. who keep saying “Oh I’m not surprised. It’s Nyjah being Nyjah.” This is why years later she is still a fool and humiliated her father on twitter. Would any of you do this to your parents on social media??? And I know how many of your (college students) parents paid for wigs, weave, phone bills while you were being “undercover” hoodrats!!!! As a parent believe me I have made mistakes BUT for Ms Hoodrat to continue to act like humiliating her father was one big joke tells me she will NEVER learn from her mistakes because she’s surrounded my ENABLERS who laugh and pity her behavior calling it “friendship!!”

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