Let me tell you a story.

It’s a tale of two cities; one is Chicago, the other, New York.

It starts like this:

“It’s 10pm. do you know where your children are?”

Remember that phrase on the TV and the radio?

Do you know where it came from?

It started in the summer of ’67 when youth curfews were put into place after rioting and unrest in several U.S. cities like Newark, buffalo, Chicago, Los Angeles and beyond.

Some say it started in Buffalo.

Others say it was New York City where the news anchor on the 10 o’clock news began each nightly broadcast with that phrase, as a reminder to parents, to keep their children off the streets.

That station is NWYW. It was WNEW back then. It was the first TV station at which i ever worked.

I often wondered why the announcer would ask that question before the beginning of each broadcast, but never got to the bottom of it until now.

Until this past holiday week when an astounding number of people were injured by gunfire in New York and Chicago.

In Chicago a staggering 82 people were shot, most of them young people.

Sixteen of them died.

The Mayor and the police chief announced this week that they overwhelmed by guns and gangs are scrambling to put hundreds more officers on the streets, as fast as they can.

Last weekend in New York City 12 people were shot, most of them young people. Three of them were killed.

But the weekend before that 21, mostly young people, were shot in the city, 2 died.

Shooting violence is up 10 percent, so much so that some residents, who celebrated when the city’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy was scaled back, are now wondering if it should make a return.

The police department is also wondering if they need to bring it back, and have commissioned a study.

Ending the program which many call racial profiling was one of the signature promises of new York’s new Mayor Bill Di Blasio.

And depending on the study’s outcome he may have to renege, too much money is at stake.

And as history shows, money can quite often trump civil rights.

So to the people who can make a difference outside of the police department, the people who can help stop the violence other than police, the people who can save young lives right in their own homes- the parents.

My question is for you, whatever o’clock it may be, a.m. or p.m., do you know where your children are?

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10 thoughts on “Don Lemon On Why Stop And Frisk Could Make A Comeback, Like It Or Not

  1. Dangerous BlkMan on said:

    And this from a gay man. FUck you don. How about the police stop you all the time. All Stop and frisk did was put more innocent black men in jail. And now don take it in the ass lemons wants to bring it back. I guess this is his way of recruiting more black men for him to have sex with when he is locked into a cell with him for days without anything to do and no help.
    No thanks Don you can keep your nasty sexual desires to yourself.

    • You really do have to stop fixating on sex. The way you turned this subject into Don’s sexual proclivities is bizarre at best and disturbing at worst. Plus, it lends zero credibility to what you say.

  2. tokenism on said:

    Guns are found in less than 0.2 percent of stops. That is an unbelievably poor yield rate for such an intrusive, wasteful and humiliating police action. Yet, stop-and-frisk has increased more than 600 percent under Bloomberg and Kelly. And the rate of finding guns is worsening as the NYPD stops more innocent people each year.

    Fact 1: No research has ever proven the effectiveness of New York City’s stop-and-frisk regime, and the small number of arrests, summonses, and guns recovered demonstrates that the practice is ineffective. Crime data also do not support the claim that New York City is safer because of the practice. While violent crimes fell 29 percent in New York City from 2001 to 2010, other large cities experienced larger violent crime declines without relying on stop and frisk abuses: 59 percent in Los Angeles, 56 percent in New Orleans, 49 percent in Dallas, and 37 percent in Baltimore.

    Stop-and-Frisk abuses corrode trust between the police and communities, which makes everyone less safe. Don’t believe us? Then listen to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly in 2000: “[A] large reservoir of good will was under construction when I left the Police Department in 1994. It was called community policing. But it was quickly abandoned for tough-sounding rhetoric and dubious stop-and-frisk tactics that sowed new seeds of community mistrust.”

    Fact 2: The murder drop happened before Bloomberg took office and before the explosion in stop-and-frisk. The year before the mayor took office there were 649 murders in New York City. In 2011, there were 526 murders. This 19 percent drop is important, but to suggest that murders were cut in half because of stop-and-frisk is simply wrong.

    Fact 3: Further, stop-and-frisk has not reduced the number of people who fall victim to shootings. In 2002, there were 1,892 victims of gunfire and 97,296 stops. In 2011, there were still 1,821 victims of gunfire but a record 685,724 stops.

    Fact 4: Comparing police stops to violent crime suspects is bad math. Only 11 percent of stops in 2011 were based on a description of a violent crime suspect. On the other hand, from 2002 to 2011, black and Latino residents made up close to 90 percent of people stopped, and about 88 percent of stops – more than 3.8 million – were of innocent New Yorkers. Even in neighborhoods that are predominantly white, black and Latino New Yorkers face the disproportionate brunt. For example, in 2011, Black and Latino New Yorkers made up 24 percent of the population in Park Slope, but 79 percent of stops. This, on its face, is discriminatory.


  4. when new York start getting Chicago number we will see a turn around and wanting a more aggressive law enforcement

    I just heard sharpton on the radio a couple days ago talking about a conference or meeting with other activist to curb the violence in new york..GOOD LUCK because they will be eating their words soon enough.

  5. Timekeeper on said:

    That is funny. When a term like shuck & jice is used it immediatley lets everyone know the despicable and bigoted origin from where it was unearthed. The main problem with stop & frisk is that the police have used the law way, way beyond it’s complaint. Had it been admiistered properly without the police beatting on and harrasing innocent men, I dont think the law would have been so heavily protested. Everyone wants safety but not in a way that would harm innocent men. This law was supposed ot be used for guns. However, there are so many men in jail for nothing to do with a gun but some other infraction unrelated ( like simply askng why are you stopping me?) That is the problem with stop & frisk.
    To throw certain people under the bus and use their name in an inflammatory manner shows where this kind or response comes from. Only the likes of Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter and so on would use a term so outadte that it exposes the person who uses it. There are many ways this country has not yet explored that could help curb the violence. I hope they will begin to explore these other options/

    • jhuf on said:

      Despicable? Kind of like the art of deflection or the art of blaming society
      or the overplayed race card as for being used for guns how do you get the guns off the street without interaction, and that “ other options” it was helpful of you to list them. As far as “shuck and jive” I guess it’s like the n-word, h-word, and b-word as long as a black man is using it it’s ok to use it on your sons or daughters. Otherwise it’s bigoted. so you accuse O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh of racism when they comment on an minority issue. Regardless of your deflection the 10% increase offers a degree of truth to my comment

      • Timekeeper on said:

        Thank you for proving my point. You have illustrated the kind of racist langauge I was referrring to.

  6. You can thank the Race Baiters (Sharpton Jackson) and the intellectually void minorities who buy into the shuck n jive speak, police target minority areas and not
    White suburbs because that’s where the crime is.
    Yet there are those who make their living telling those who aren’t intelligent enough
    to realize that it’s their safety at risk that it’s Racism instead, and the people buy into it
    Sharpton gets praise and the rising body counts prove how wrong they all were

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