It was two short weeks after we spoke to Andrea Kelly, on the phone, that she announced that she was filing for divorce from her husband Brian McKee, a man she once called “gold.” Kelly and her estranged husband married only a few months after McKee was caught cheating. It didn’t take long for Andrea to make up her mind, she wanted out of their relationship.

“I think because I’ve been through so much with my first husband that I just have no room for BS,” she told VH1. “Some women, it might take you three, four, five times for you to be cheated on for you to get it. When you become 40, there are just certain things you don’t have room for in your life,” she added.

“What we had was real, but it’s time to move on. If it’s meant to be, if we are meant to come back together at a later date, only God knows,” she said. “I’m just waiting for my divorce to be final.”

Andrea may have had her share of failed marriages (you can include R.Kelly in that one), but she isn’t broken and has advice for women who may be in the same predicament:

“I’m proud. I know that seems odd to say…but I am proud because I really do think that I am a living example for women. Life goes on, honey. You cannot crawl up under a rock and go, ‘I’m done with life,’ because guess what: it’s still gonna happen. You’re still gonna have to face it.”

Go on girl!


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6 thoughts on “Andrea Kelly On Divorcing Her Cheating Husband: ‘I Just Have No Room For BS’

  1. Sharon Jones on said:

    No pity here! You are quick to talk about your bad relationship with Mr. Kelly. Now, you have to step back and reevaluate your decision making (when it comes to men). Time out, for crazy decisions. Go do your baby’s (children). They need you, too.You will be fine girl. Just stop trying to be too strong!

  2. KimberlyAnne on said:

    Did she know about the Aaliyah mess, in which they were married, & then quickly annulled. I was done with Mr. Nasty azz wayyyyyy back then!

  3. Tammi on said:

    She is so full of herself. Everyone knew on the show and us the audience that he was just using her. You could tell he wasn’t in love with her. The longer she’s on the show the bigger her head grows. I started out liking her a lot now I don’t like her at all.

  4. Tiffany S Anderson on said:

    Hunni Child Girlfriend, I heard u say it and im only in my mid thirty , never been married but been in a relationships and this one im in not 7 yrs to an older man. But anyhoot U r a Strong Black Woman. WE AINT NEVERA MEET BUT UR A REAL SISTA MUCH RESPECT,SISTA

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