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Sherri Shepherd

This story just gets sadder  by the moment! Sherri Shepherd is going through a whole right now y’all. First her marriage breaks up, then her ex-husband and father of her son publicly bashes her and calls her a terrible mom and tries to get custody from her, next her now estranged husband announces to the world that he is going to divorce Sherri and take their surrogate baby (who is due to be born this month) away and get her for massive child support payments, and finally as of last week she will no longer be one of the voices on ABC‘s daytime talk show “The View“!

That is more than a little bit to take and definitely a whole lot to manage! But now according to TMZ, Sherri has decided that she wants nothing at all to do with the baby that her estranged husband Lamar Sally is trying to get paid off of!

TMZ reports that the baby was conceived with Lamar’s sperm, but NOT Sherri’s egg! So, therefore she can honestly say the baby is not her’s nor should she bare any of the responsibility! Wow!

TMZ says that Sherri does not want custody or even to be considered a parent … because she doesn’t want to get stuck with massive child support payments and she wants a judge to rubber stamp that with a resounding okie dokie!

Sherri wants a judge to rule she has no parental rights or responsibilities which would shut the door to child support.  She claims Lamar defrauded her by getting her to sign on for a surrogate birth knowing full well he would divorce her and then try to make bank off of her through child support payments.

As we previously reported, Sherri was allegedly over Sally not having a job and living off of her…so…yeah! That would make sense.

TMZ sources say Sherri tried to get pregnant by using in vitro and when it didn’t work she got deeply involved in the surrogacy process.

The last little piece of the puzzle is that Sherri has filed for divorce in New Jersey and Lamar has filed in California.  This is not a coincidence. TMZ says they did some digging, and found New Jersey courts generally do NOT recognize surrogacy agreements, which means Lamar would probably be shut down.  Not so in Cali.

Man look…if it walks like a con and talks like a con…then you already know what it must be! We’re not saying Lamar never loved Sherri but it doesn’t look good! Something about all of it feels sort of well…scummy.

We don’t know how it is that Sherri has managed to keep it together but we admire her for her ability to keep things from turning all Britney Spears about everything that’s going on around her.

We know this story ain’t going away anytime soon kids….stay tuned!


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Sherri Shepherd Doesn’t Want Estranged Husband’s Surrogacy Baby [POLL] was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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