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Sherri Shepherd may be cutting ties with the unborn baby she’s expecting with estranged husband Lamar Sally.

The former co-host of “The View” is refusing to pay child support because she believes Lamar tricked her into having it so that he could get child support, TMZ.com reports. Sources told TMZ that the baby was not created using Sherri’s egg, so she has not genetic ties to the child. Lamar’s sperm was used in conception, though.

Now, there’s word that Sherri has no interst in seeking custody of the baby. Furthermore, she doesn’t legally want to be considered one of the parents. According to insiders, she’s hoping that a judge will rule that she has no parental rights or responsibilties to the child. If she’s not recognized as a parent, then she won’t have to pay the

With the baby due any day, Sherri is arguing that Lamar defrauded her into trying for a child. She allegedly claims that he got her to agree to surrogacy knowing that he planned to breakip with her and seek child support.

Giving a little more weight to these allegations against Sherri, TMZ pointed out that she opted to file for divorce in New Jersey. That state usually doesn’t legally acknowledge surogacy agreements.

It’s hard to believe that Sherri would turn her back on her unborn baby, especially since she tried so hard to conceive through in vitro fertilization. The tidbit about her decision to file in a separate from Lamar (he filed for a separation in California) does have us raising an eyebrow, though.

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Baby Battle: Sherri Shepherd Refuses To Pay Child Support For Surrogate Baby? was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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