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Basically what happens when you are “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is you get a whole lot of trouble! At least, this is the case for rapper French Montana. He’s been out in the open with Khloe Kardashian, and his wife, Deen Kharbouch, isn’t feeling it.

French has been seen all over with Kardashian, doing everything from popping bottles to buying her a $50,000 car for her birthday, according to Radar Online. But while he is spending so much time with the Kardashian Klan, that leaves little to no time for his four-year-old son, Kruz.

“Since the fame, he’s been a deadbeat,” the source said, although Montana is up-to-date with all child support obligations. “He also threw a birthday bash for this woman and did not attend his son’s pre-school graduation! His son was the only child without a father present.”

The source also told Radar that not only is French spending his own money, but his wife’s too. The pair have been married since 2007, but separated since 2012. (They still have joint bank accounts or nah?) It is also said that he has not seen or spoken to his child in over six months. Oh, and they both reside in New York City.

In May, Kharbouch tweeted, “Whores, strippers, dealers tell @FrencHMonTanA that his son is sick” and things with Kardashian “are not what they seem.”

Raise your hand if you knew French Montana was MARRIED? I, sure as hell, didn’t! The only celeb I remember him dating was Trina, and from the looks of it, she’s salty. We’ll see how this all plays out.


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One thought on “Has French Montana Has Become A Deadbeat Dad Since Dating Khloe Kardashian?

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    He’s probably too weak to attend his child’s events or see him. Those Kardashians will suck the life out of you.

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