If you’re as much of a “Dear White People” fan as we are, prepare to get excited!

Lena Waithe, comedian, writer and producer of the Sundance award-winning movie “Dear White People” (due in theaters October 17) just secured a deal with BET to produce a pilot based on her YouTube pilot presentation, “Twenties,” according to Variety. The presentation, which debuted on YouTube last August in four parts, is about a group of Black women in their twenties navigating through life and trying to find their place within it. Check out the first part of the presentation above.

Waithe told Variety that while she does want to entertain the BET audience, she also wants them to engage them with interesting content. “My goal is to shoot the most amazing pilot possible,” Waithe told Variety“But for people to not just love it today but for them also to watch it 20 years from now.”

Waithe was named one of its 10 Comedians To Watch in Variety and is also the creator of one of our favorite Black web series, “Hello Cupid.” We’re looking forward to seeing Waithe’s pilot on BET, considering it’s presentation received some buzz on YouTube. Watch her previously released four-part pilot below. Would you tune in to BET to watch?

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