A San Francisco civil jury on Monday ruled in favor of a white, former transit officer who fatally shot Oscar Grant, an unarmed, black man, in an infamous killing captured on cellphone cameras.

The federal jury awarded no damages to the father of Oscar Grant III, killed by a single shot to the back from BART Officer Johannes Mehserle early on Jan. 1, 2009 in Oakland.

Deliberations had began Monday after weeks of testimony in the racially charged case, the Oakland Tribune reports.

Former BART officer Johannes Mehserle had cried in open court as he described shooting the 22-year-old as he lay face down on the train platform. The 33-year-old claims he mistakenly used his service revolver when he wanted to grab a Taser.

Passengers with cellphone cameras recorded the shooting, turning the incident into a national story. Grant’s killing inspired an acclaimed indie movie “Fruitvale Station,” named for the platform where the shooting occurred.

Oscar Grant Jr. — the slain man’s father — filed the federal lawsuit seeking unspecified damages for the loss of the familial association with his son.

“They took the most precious thing in the world to me, my only child,” Grant Jr. said in court, according to CBS San Francisco.

This is the first civil suit related to Grant’s killing to go to a jury. BART — short for Bay Area Rapid Transit — settled suits with Grant’s mother and daughter for $2.8 million. Last month, five friends of Grant detained after he was shot agreed to a $175,000 payout.

“I thought he was going for a gun,” Mehserle testified, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “I made a mistake.”

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3 thoughts on “Civil Jury Sides With White Officer Who Fatally Shot Oscar Grant

  1. As far as I’m concerned, no one values life anymore. It’s evident in the number of children being killed by parents. Parents being killed by children. People killing each other just for the fame and notoriety. If black life in America is worthless to white people, it’s worth even less to blacks, who kill each other at a much higher rates than whites kill blacks.. It’s not just black life that is worthless. No life has any value anymore. When I see things like this, I don’t see black or white. I see sad. I wonder what the race of the person his father killed was. Care to hazard a guess?

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