Zendaya‘s father has a few words for all of you that think his daughter dropped out of the ‘Aalilyah’ biopic because of  her complexion.

Known to be very vocal and protective about his daughter’s career, Kazembe Ajamu took to his Twitter account to give a rundown on what really made the former Disney star pull out of the coveted role (read from bottom up).


Ajamu also plays the role of bodyguard to the popular child star.

Lifetime has since tweeted their disappointments over Zendaya’s departure.


What do you think? Should it matter if Zendaya’s complexion differs from that of Aaliyah? 

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30 thoughts on “ZENDAYA’S FATHER: ‘She Didn’t Drop Out Of The Film Because She Wasn’t Black Enough’

  1. Rachelle on said:

    If Aaliyah was a dark-skinned black person and Zendaya was chosen to play her, I would question that. I think it is unrealistic to think that you can find someone who can act that looks exactly like Aaliyah. Now a production about a young lady who’s life was cut short on the brink of super stardom won’t be made because of haters. Aaliyah’s family complaints that the movie should be made on the big screen, I don’t see them making the efforts to get it there. For a big screen movie, means big screen money. For those of you that are complaining that Zendaya is mixed and should not be cast, you have issues that you need to talk to someone about. Aaliyah is only a couple of shades darker than Zendaya, why are we entertaining these stupid, yes stupid comments. I would rather have someone who can act that don’t look exactly like Aaliyah than someone who looks like her and can’t act.

  2. seriously on said:

    kay, thanks, to bad you fall into the typical and predictable category of why black women are in such a state, just messing with ya..ya know

  3. seriously on said:

    Leave Zendaya alone! So what if she is mixed…

    If Black women are really concerned about who doesn’t like them and why, then perhaps you should look at yourselfs. Because the reason why black men date outside their race is not self-hatred, it is the bitter, angry and hatred spewed by some pretty vicious black women.

    Black women/single parents are killing our communities and birthing generation and the generation of losers. And if you want to blame the male you sired that train wreck you call your children…Let’s not forget you picked him and he is but a reflection on you. You tear down everything and everyone and let’s not mention what you do to each other women to women…You do not celebrate anyone as you want them as insufferable as you….You can be loud, vile and vulgar but everyone knows and I do mean everyone that, that is just a clear sign that you are weak.

    And most dignified women do not want to deal with you and most black men who has standards….just do not want to take on all that drama and bitterness..

    So before black women can talk about what is black, mixed, interracial dating….We are in no position to talk about anyone or point fingering…Because surely we are not together at all and it just as damaging to our communities and the kids you produced.

    At least Zendaya father would not let her married a grown 30 something child molester like R. Kelly ( who by the way gets all his support from black women) Unlike the decent black men who states his is a child molesters and have no respect for him…Yet you sit on the blog whining and complaining about everyone except what you can do collectively to help other black women, our communities, parenting our children etc….Nothing just calling everyone self-hating so you can ignore your own.

      • seriously on said:

        Gee, I was hoping you had an intelligent response…but thanks for the validation of truth…If only you silly no-grows could check yourselfs, the way you go after the others with ignorance and bullshit…perhaps you would be something others desired instead of something they dread….Because your viciousness, backstabbing and angry black women attitude is clearly not working for you dear. The only art form that is lost is true black sisterhood. You funny though, try not to be so simple minded..This is the internet not an English class.

      • That would be You’re funny though”. There should be a period behind the word “though” instead of a comma, and the letter in the first word of the preceding sentence should be capitalized. Ok. I’m just messin’ wit’ cha’.

    • June on said:

      I’m a Firm Believer that it’s okay to seen, but you do not have to be heard! You speak as if WW, Mexican W etc.. are not loud! Please they are loud and Nasty!!!!! I see them all the time in store/mall using the restroom and not wash their hands. Drop food on the floor, pick it up and eat it; talking about some 5 second rule. Just Nasty!!!!!! Come work and say you smell good, I didn’t shower today!!!!

  4. straightnochaser on said:

    Well, June, perhaps if you’d free your mind and stop worrying about what black men are or are not doing, then perhaps someone will come along and take you off the market, therefore you would no longer be one of those ‘available’ black women.

  5. Vernita on said:

    The production company should request Lisa Tucker to play Aaliyah. She played Malik’s step sister on The Game. She looks like her, she can sing, and she can act…the perfect combination!!

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  7. Debbie on said:

    Black people should play black people. There are enough black actresses out here who need work who could play that role. I’m am tired of whites, and mixed getting roles. Black women need to play black women. Let’s keep shutting shit down that doesn’t have our interest at heart.

    • June on said:

      You are absolutely right! Aretha Franklin is another movie I will not be watching! She never has looked like Halle Berry and she chose her to play her!

    • Dean on said:

      I agree with you. With all the good, hard-working black actresses, it’s racial discrimination to cast a black role with a mixed, mulatto or biracial person.

  8. Xiolito on said:

    June, I only partly agree with you. Unlike you, I have no problem with people of other races, but I think the father is lying. If it was a “production value” issue, the film could have just been postponed until everything was in order. I think the real reason she dropped out was because of the haters. She knew that the strong backlash would ultimately fail the film. Her father knew that too. Zendaya is mixed, Aaliyah was not. Anyone with eyes can see that. It would never have worked. I’m sorry for Zendaya, but just liking someone as an inspiration was not enough. She isn’t nearly as talented as Aaliyah was. That’s just show business.

      • I said it. on said:

        This “who’s black enough and who’s not black enough” isn’t adding to anyone’s net worth.

      • I could explain it to you further, but this website tends to refresh after a certain amount of time. And I don’t want to keep starting over. You may have to figure this one out for yourself.

    • I said it. on said:

      Everywhere you look you are going to see other races, so if it is making you “sick” you don’t need a medical doctor, you need a psychiatrist to help you figure out why you’re unhappy with your life and overly focused on non blacks.

      Trace your DNA, get a hobby, start a business, do you and live life.

      • June on said:

        I’m sick of BM acting as if there are no BW available or they are not good enough! If it were not for the BW they would not exist!

      • Amber on said:

        Trace your DNA

        WHat is that going to prove I said it? The only DNA that matters is what you look like. Noboby cares about a drop of another ethnic blood. Can a black woman play Barbara Bush without some backlash even if that black woman has drop of white blood? NO. Sorry but I get sick of people using “trace you DNA” when it is for their convenience; but any other time when it comes to laws, equal rights, etc, I am viewed just as black as a person who is 100% black. So that makes me black.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      It’s r-i-d-d-a-n-c-e, not “riddens”; further, you are a racist. BMs are free to date, love and marry whomever they choose, just like YOU are. Don’t be bitter- be sweet, and you might find yourself a man someday.

      • I said it. on said:

        Thanks! Maybe they will listen to you instead of holding on to the victim mentality of why they can’t get, hold, or keep a man. It’s been done for years. I don’t know why it seems to be so hard now. I would never hypnotize myself to think that someone else has more of what it takes to keep me from getting what I desire.

      • Amber on said:

        WHat are you talking about. And for the record, learn what the word “racist” mean. Also, you are free to do what you want; however, people are also FREE to think and say what they want. ALso black women are getting billionaires and some black women just do NOT want to get married just like women of other groups who are loving being single by choice. YEs, black men are dating women outside their race and just like what some black men did to black women which is having a bunch of babies and now leaving those white and hispanic women to raise those kids ALONE. Sound lke you are the one who is bitter MacBen.

      • I said it. on said:

        How can you be pro black on one hand and put down black people on the other. You are jumping on conversations with an attitude and wanting to know what people are talking about, or questioning the point they are trying to make without following the entire flow of comments.

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