Maya Peterson, former student body president at the prestigious Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, resigned from her position after she caused an uproar by mocking conservative, White male students at the school, reports

Peterson posted an Instagram picture of herself sporting L.L. Bean boots and a Yale sweater, while holding a hockey stick. The picture was captioned with the hashtags:  #cleve, #romney2016, #confederate, and #peakedinhighschool.

Peterson said the comical image depicted the typical “Lawrenceville boi” and was in response to backlash she received over a controversial senior picture. The picture in question showed her and 10 friends, all Black, raising their fists in a “Black Power” salute.

Peterson said that she can understand why White, male students might be offended, but made it clear that that wasn’t her problem:

“Yes, I am making a mockery of the right-wing, confederate-flag hanging, openly misogynistic Lawrentians,” Peterson wrote in response to negative comments about the picture. “If that’s a large portion of the school’s male population, then I think the issue is not with my bringing attention to it in a lighthearted way, but rather why no one has brought attention to it before.

“I understand why I hurt people’s feelings, but I didn’t become president to make sure rich white guys had more representation on campus,” she said. “Let’s be honest. They’re not the ones that feel uncomfortable here.”

Read more from Buzzfeed:

The Lawrenceville School, founded in 1810, first admitted black students just 50 years ago. Female students weren’t allowed to enroll until 1987, a change that led 50 students to shout “Better Dead Than Coed” in protest, according to thePhiladelphia Inquirer (“We were told they’d be so much smarter. They’re morons, most of them,” one senior boy elaborated). Notable Lawrenceville alumni include famous CEOs (Michael Eisner, Lewis Bernard), state senators, and the founder ofForbes magazine.

Peterson, a tall, animated 17-year-old with flowing dreads and thick-rimmed glasses who ran on a platform of “inclusion and acceptance and pride in oneself,” wasn’t just the first black woman to serve as student body president — she’s an out lesbian too. She won the election by reaching out to students whom other candidates overlooked, including freshmen and minorities, other students said.

Others said they tired of answering “dumb questions about their hair” or whether they were on financial aid. Peterson recalled controversy over a Facebook post about Obama’s reelection in 2012. “As a black and Latino, gay woman in the United States of America, today is a momentous day,” she wrote. “I’m sorry to all the rich white men who have failed to elect a president that endorses their greed.” Dozens of students commented, attacking her for being racist herself.

Read more about the entrenched racism and White privilege at Lawrenceville at Buzzfeed.


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14 thoughts on “Student Body President Pressured To Resign After ‘Offending’ White Students

  1. jhuf on said:

    News flash!! To all people of color Don’t Demand Racial Respect If You’re Not Willing
    To Give It, and don’t try to rationalize disrespect with that sins of the past BS

  2. Thomas on said:

    This biggit racial profiled & stereotyped European Americans. She needs sensitivity training. She clearly has been taught racism from her community. Yet, this racist web sight tries to give black racism a free pass. SHAME ON BAW.

    • Blker thn u on said:

      Thomas you need to check your prevledge and understand your white past. Your people are the Neanderthal from Europe. Similar to Bigfoot. Covered in fur and smelly. You look like you to today because your grandfathers would attack peaceful African families tryin to farm the land raise a family in the eyes of God. Your families would kill the fathers and rape the women.

      • Thomas on said:

        Biker, as for the Bigfoot breeding question: you may be right. Have you seen some of the black basketball players? Clearly Bigfoot cross breeding has taken place.

    • Blker thn u on said:

      The result of the unholy rape of my people was the birth of your Aryan race. Stoled our bone structure so you look similar in shape. You lost most of your hair, teeth not as sharp and you gained some intelligent from the mixing of genes. But you retained your white skins and blonde hair. You also retained your barbaric need to rape murder and enslave. And your greed and inability to be compassionate. Because you are not children of the true God and you do not share his wisdom are grace like my people do.

      • Thomas on said:

        Biker, did you know brown skinned muslims owned and ran the slave trade? Every slave was and still is today sold by muslims?

      • Thomas on said:

        Biker, did you know that today you can go to a brown skinned muslim and they will sell you an african child slave? Fid you know screwey louie farakan is silent on muslims selling slaves today?

  3. Obviously there would be this type of reaction, but when white people do it they receive no punishment at all -but when they are exposed with any truths about their mentality they act like they aren’t supposed to get checked.Keep ya head up Sis.

  4. Blker thn u on said:

    we all know where white people come from. The are soulless offspring of Neanderthal monsters. The only reason they can put together a complete sentence now is because their ancestors ( Neanderthal) raped our women and stoled our superior genes.

  5. Linda on said:

    Kudo’s to Maya!!!!

    However, she should not have stepped aside as Student Body President!

    White college students put on blackface, hang nooses and do everything offensive they can against African-American students, so it was about time that someone gave them a taste of their own medicine.

    Lawrenceville College is an uppity preppy $$$ institution which needs to be given a rude awakening!!!!!!!

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