Ersula Ore, a professor at Arizona State University says she was just trying to cross the street when this happened.

Ore, an English professor, claims she was accosted by a university police officer for trying to cross the street back in May.

The officer claims she was walking in the middle of the street and obstructing traffic.

In an interview with CNN Ore says the officer’s first words to here were:

“he asked me if I knew the difference between a street and a sidewalk? .. so rudely as you just did me?”

On the video you can see the officer and Ore began to tussle.

The officers throws her to the ground as another officer runs over to assist him.

Ore screams for passersby to help out.

One man did call 911.

The confrontation, at least the part on the tape, lasts for about 5 minutes.

At the beginning of the tape the officer does ask Ore, a number of times, for her ID because she’s obstructing a public thoroughfare.

Ore can be heard asking the officer repeatedly to be more respectful towards her.

She does not show the officer her identification, but instead kept questioning his reason for stopping her in the first place.

He also asks her more than 10 times to put her hands behind her back and to stop fighting him.

She does not.

She does use profanities towards the officers.

She even kicks one of the officers as well.

Ore faces charges for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, failing to provide ID and obstruction of a public thoroughfare.

The university said it found “no evidence of inappropriate actions by the ASUPD officers involved.”

It is disturbing to see and hear a woman being treated in what appears to be such a harsh manner.

And, many may think there is a racial element to the stop because the officers are white and the victim is black.

It is true that the video does not show his motivation for stopping her in the first place.

However, I would suggest before you decide or jump to any conclusions that you watch the entire video on line.

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15 thoughts on “Jaywalking Professor – Don Lemon Says, Don’t Jump To Conclusions

  1. strav on said:

    Don Lemon is so sensitive and touchy when it comes to the homosexual agenda yet he’s always giving racists a pass. In the process Lemon is making Tom Joyner look like a jackass!

  2. Blker thn u on said:

    Don is nothing but a white wanna be faget. Their are so many reasons to point out that this homo doesn’t even know how to be black. Fuck him and fuck cnn. CNN is nothing but a tool for homos to push their ideas on us. The worse thing happening to the black community is the homo’s. They are destroying our culture. Flag ism is a product of whites. Whites are boy lovers. They are cannables. But what do you expect from a species that is the offspring of monsters. ( the great apes of Europe) Neanderthals.

  3. Jacqueline Perry on said:

    I think this had everything to do with race, ive never seen white folks so bitter torward black folk , as they have been since obama got in office and the economy downfall.all this just over an I.d. and jay walking folks needs to stop making excuses for how harshly we are still being treated in america.

  4. Is this the same Don Lemon who claimed that the crime of shopping while black was for the benefit of black people. Yet he sued a company for the same offense and won? Do not believe me do some research on this hypocrite. Be careful who you listen to.

  5. Myra on said:

    Seriously, for jay walking. This officer went way too far. It’s dark and she is walking, not intoxicated. Of course she is going to be offended.

  6. I saw the entire video. The officer did nothing wrong. So she didn’t like the way he tried to explain the law to her. Show the damned ID, ask why you’re being stopped, and if the stop is unlawful, file a complaint. Your proof is on the video. In this instance the video is her undoing. She was in the wrong. No matter the color. No matter the profession. It is against the law to refuse to show ID when asked to do so by a law officer. As I said. I saw the whole video. The only person being rude and disrespectful is the professor. Hate to say it, but a thing can only be what it is.

  7. Demp109 on said:

    “It is true that the video does not show his motivation for stopping her in the first place.” That’s the point Don! What was his motivation for stopping her in the first place.

    • Toni on said:

      Here you go again ridiculing a black person; I mean what’s your issue with us as a whole? Do you just hate black people Don? What motivated hthis racist prick to stop her in the first place was that dark skin…but since you are so embarrassed because you are a black man how about doing black people a favor and go your gay ass straight to hell.

  8. Paris on said:

    Don Lemon is the one who said he’s sick of hearing about race when he interviewed Morgan Freeman. I really can’t take anything Don says seriously. He appears to be embarrassed that heโ€™s even black.

  9. Linda on said:

    Don Lemon seems to have a lot of Tom in him and this is just one example.

    The cop should/could have approached this woman in a better manner than he did, and maybe she would have responsed to him differently.

    All she was doing was walking across the street-so why did she have to show some ID?

    If this had been a white male or female I bet this cop would not have done this!!!!!!!!

    Get your head out your ass Don-then you can see the light!!!!!!

  10. Prophetic Imagination on said:

    Double-standard Don. You’re showing your sexist hand. If the situation had been reversed then his commentary would be about injustice and police brutality against Black men. If we go with Don’s logic then Trayvon Martin’s shooting is justified. We just don’t have video evidence of that encounter.

  11. sometimes we try to score points when we should be trying to heal wounds, and this is an example of it, if people are worried by such things and if hate is rewound as they say, then put your head into the minds of the innocent lives abandoned in Guantanamo Bay, now that’s something to fill your mind with

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