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Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. was steady trying to start something during the BET Awards weekend. At one of the pre-parties, he ran into his ex-fiancee Miss Jackson and tried to get her attention and speak to her. She wanted no parts of him. Then, Mayweather tried the same stunt with a different woman. The boxer saw T.I.’s wife Tiny on the red carpet being interviewed and tried to speak, but she certainly wasn’t saying a word to him.

As many remember, T.I. and Floyd got into a fight in a Fatburger. Apparently, the fight popped off because T.I. didn’t take too kindly to seeing pictures of his wife Tiny hanging out with Mayweather. When T.I. approached the boxer with his grievance, Mayweather responded, “Control your b**ch!”

Since then, things have been tense between the two parties. We’re not exactly sure why Mayweather tried to get Tiny’s attention, but he went out of his way to say something. When she didn’t even look in his direction, he grabbed her elbow and she shrugged him of and kept on walking.



Tiny Disses Floyd Mayweather On BET Awards Red Carpet [VIDEO] was originally published on theurbandaily.com

One thought on “Tiny Disses Floyd Mayweather On BET Awards Red Carpet [VIDEO]

  1. Louisiana on said:

    So,sad I have lot’s of respect for T.I.and Tiny you guys have children together resolve this behind close door.This’s not a good example for your children I like other’s would love for the two of you could work this out.If not stop disrespecting each other and just be good co-parent.

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