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Bobbi Kristina was not shy about wanting the role of her mom Whitney Houston in Lifetime’s upcoming biopic which will be directed by Angela Bassett. However, despite her public pleas, the role was given to model/actress Yaya DaCosta.

After Bassett recently explained to Entertainment Weekly why she didn’t cast Bobbi to play her mom in the film [READ HERE], the daughter of the late icon blasted the actress/director on Twitter.

Bobbi tweeted:

“Ha MsAng “bassketcase” has such a damn nerve. My lord, at least the world doesn’t mistake me for the wrong sex..she has #XtraEequipment”

Bobby K-Angela-Bassett-Tweet-1

She followed this remark with another distasteful tweet:

“When I win my first Grammy or Oscar, *Shrugs* hmm whichever comes1st, I’ll be sure 2shout URname out bitch ! 😎 hahUrTestResults= MALE. Lmao”

Bobby K-Angela-Bassett-Tweet-2

Bassett has not responded to Bobbi’s outburst.

Do you think Bobbi was out-of-line? Should Bassett have cast her as her mom?

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98 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Slams Angela Bassett, Refers to Her as a “Male” & “Bassketcase”

  1. Amber on said:

    This is total disrespect. I am sure Whitney would not approve on how she spoke about Ms. Bassett. Whitney had high respect for Ms. Bassett. But this is the sign of how many of our youth behave nowadays.

    • Terri on said:

      I think Angela Bassett needs to apologize to the Houston family for doing a film about Whitney’s personal life and not her career.

  2. I don’t care for Angela, but she might have to save Bobbi’s life. Karma is real little girl. She might not look like her mom but she got her b**chy ways. She’s crazy about her step brother because he dogs her. And he damn sure don’t kiss her a** like the rest of them do.

  3. She’s delusional.She looks NOTHING like her mother (and 100% like her father).I doubt she can sing OR act. She needs to get over herself. She also needs to grow up and get some class..but I don’t see that happening.

  4. michelle on said:

    Bobbi Kristina,,, Little girl , please go somewhere and sit down, Angela Bassett, the BEST. It must be a reason why she didn’t use you in the movie your Mother had talent and she’s was beautiful in her time , what are you doing because you sure didn’t take after her looks.

  5. In Memory of B more Fam (RIP) on said:

    I wonder is Whitney saying this to God “I apologize for becoming one of the greatest female vocalist of my time then wasting it away on drugs because I was angry younger singers like Keys was taking Clive’s attention! I apologize for lying to Oprah when I was high as a kite the next day while promoting my CD. I apologize for being my child’s friend instead of a PARENT creating a FOOL who would attack one of the great actresses whom I BEGGED to work with in Exhale! Lord please let me be her angel to try and clean this mess up. I know my behavior is why people think I deserve a tacky lifetime movie than a theater movie like the GREATs MJ and Tina Turner. Lord you know I cry daily watching my child’s behavior but I can only blame myself………I remember the day a family was burned alive by drug dealers fighting to clean up their neighborhood while Whitney sat with DIane Sawyer making “crack is wack” jokes. I threw away ALL her CDs after that interview (children were burned alive)! I was in tears as Whitney sang herself home because I was glad God stopped the fake show and called her weak ungratfeful a@ HOME to start the REAL cleansing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Deborah on said:

    Ms. Bobbi Kristina remarks were rude, distasteful and immature to say the least. Ms. Bassett is a true woman and professional and made the right decision . I suggest Bobbi Kristina learn some respect, manners, and how to be grateful for the life she has been blessed with. I also recommend she register at a college or Arts Center for classes/training in dramatic arts, singing and voice control, and how to respect the business she so desperately wants to be a part of, in essence she needs to grow up!

  7. She has a lot of nerve and she looks like Bobby’s twin brother. You look nothing like your mother. And based on the tone and content of your tweets, Angela did the right thing by not including you. You sound like a drama queen that would ruin everything.

  8. viper on said:

    Angela Bassett has too much class and style to respond to this type of quote. Bobbi Kristina does not have the background at this point in her life was she can be making demands. The only thing she has is her mother’s money.

  9. pac4me on said:

    First of all – An Oscar!!! oh please – who told her she could act and based on her comments who would want to cast her in anything short of a low rated comedy. Bobbi C has been given much, yet she fails to realize it. I hope Ms Basset continues to ignore this child and do what is best for her investment – no need for her to even reply to such antics – did BC think calling the woman names would make her change her mind

  10. HarleyGirl on said:

    I think Bobbie Christina is a drug addict just like her mother was and her father is. BC is not entitled to anything so she needs to grow up. she can’t even sing or she would have a record contract. she is an entitled spoiled little brat that would sell her mothers casket for a buck. she is going thru her mother’s money like water. She disgusts me with her inappropiate attitude. Angela has been in the business a long time and has always been humble and classy to the public.

  11. Everyone loved Whitney, but bobbi needs to sit down somewhere. Can she even act…I think not. These spoiled kids have no respect for anyone.

  12. Gloria Rohde on said:

    Ms. Bassett doesn’t need to reply. She’s too classy of a lady. And to Bobbi, sweetie after that little temper tantrum I don’t see too many people wanting to cast u in anything. What you should have done is ask to work with Ms. Bassett to help make sure your mother was portrayed as true to life as can be. I actually think Paula Patton would be excellent for the role. Grow up little girl.

  13. jenn on said:

    Angela clearly has more class and explained herself in a manner indicating such. Bobbi (needs to lose the childish attitude) Christina should take the criticism with the tact of a professional. She lacks the class her mother had early in life, pre Bobby Brown. Immature people act and talk as she has and they have no place trying to bully people to get what they want. Who’s going to take her serious???

    • Whitney was the way she was before Bobby. Remember she started using drugs with her brother before she met Bobby. Bobby is still performing.

  14. Bobbi is out of line and Angela has to much class to be worry with the comment from this Kid who need to grow up, pay some dues, release a best selling record, do something before you can put down the like of Angela Basset, who we know has paid her dues. Grow up (you could play the role of Bobby Brown if they do a movie about him).

  15. gerimurphydc1 on said:

    No, Angela Bassett was not out of line and this proves it! Yes, I think Bobbi Kristina was out of line and her comments were very disrespectful. She should spend more time working on her own issues, and learn how to be more respectful. Grow-up Bobbi Kristina! I’m sure your mom would not appreciate your ratchet behavior!

  16. Katren Moss on said:

    Wow…she’s mad because she wasn’t handed the role on a silver platter and belives because she’s Whitney’s daughter that she’s entitled???? What’s her acting credentials??? Oh my bad, she has NONE! Furthermore, she doesn’t look anything like her Mom….she looks like her ugly father—she should thank God everyday for weaves and make up artists.

    • Well said.She can’t want something because she is Whitney daughter.Little girl,Angela is a lady,a very refine lady.If you live to be a thousand,a Angela you’re never be.By the way how will it take for you to be a star?Let me see hummmmmmmmmmmmm!!! The world won’t be here that LONG.

  17. Tracy on said:

    Angela doesn’t need to respond. She understands that, that girl is a child to her. Angela is so much better than that

  18. True on said:

    This just confirms she made the right call. Her professionalism is nonexistent. And I definitely await the Oscars & Grammy’s she receives for….????

  19. seriously on said:

    BK should worry about her drinking problem and other issues…And stand on her own two feet. Leave it to females to attack each other and tear down each other..Never realizing the damage it does to us as a whole. pathetic!

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