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Love conquers all! Bobbi Kristina was all smiles this weekend when she linked up with her estranged father to celebrate Father’s Day. bobbykristina The daughter of Whitney and Bobby Brown posted photos of them together on her Instagram with the caption:

I got a running start! 😋 love you daddy! #familyfirst! xxo

bobbykristina2 It’s good to see the pair together. Their relationship has been strained since the death of Houston almost two and half years ago. bobbykristina1

Bobby Brown Through the Years
12 photos
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31 thoughts on “REUNITED: Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Together For Father’s Day [PHOTOS]

  1. bustymomma on said:

    She needs more than her suppose to be husband and that gold digging, fake Aunt and Uncle of hers. Even her grandmother made money off of Whitney’s death. I really don’t think Bobby Brown would allow any harm to come to his daughter. He has settle down and still touring. People need understand, that poor girl lost her mother who was her best friend and just lost it. I Pray that she keep on pushing.

  2. Darlene on said:

    I always love Whitney Houston and Bobby andBobbi Kristina. I BELIEVE WHITNEY WOULD BE PROUD OF THE 2 REUNITING..THANK YOU JESUS! !!

  3. So happy to see this ppicture!!!! I have said from DAY ONE Bobby/Bobbi was devastated by Whitney’s death. Now yall get together to get a REAL movie made about Whitney!!! Not some cheap tacky Lifetime movie! hahahahaha I can see Bobby acting like Ike on set ensuring movie is GREAT!!! hahaha Anthony Mackie as Bobby and Aniak Rose as Nippy!

  4. Douglas Jones on said:

    Excellent positive replies almost except for one expert that may have a inside tip on something that we don’t know.

    A father and daughter relationship is tough and sometimes when your daughter gets grown you have to step back and let her find her way back to you on her own time.

    Anyone hating on a father and daughter relationship may have deeper issues that they may need to work out within themselves so that they can find the happiness that they are seeking.

  5. uponyou! on said:

    Bobbi K. is loved by so many, but she was the one pushing love away! This makes me happy seeing her happy in a positive way!

  6. Penny Wooten on said:

    So happy to see them together and hope they keep it going and don’t let the haters fuck it up !
    He is ur father…

  7. Timekeeeper on said:

    Wow! A poat about bobby Brown without everyone coming out of the woodwork to throw him under the bus( excpet one of course, guess they couldnt help themselves) So glad their could be a positive post. there is hope for Black America yet!

  8. Laura on said:

    }Bobbi Christina looks great when I was watching that reality show she look so horrible.Now it looks that she is back to the way she should be. As for Bobby you know I am glad he is in her life. I know people knock him but hey it is better late than never.

  9. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Publicity photo. They can’t stand each other let alone be around each other for a period of time. Where’s the other 24 children he has?

  10. Veronica M. on said:

    I also had tears in my eyes, this is what her mother would have wanted.They need each other now the healing can start.

  11. sharel walker on said:

    I am very happy that the 2 of you are working towards something great. Bobby please take good care of this baby (Booby Kristina). she looks happy. Keep her happy everyday. Bobby Kris, thanks for this and nice to see you in your dads arms. Tears are in my eyes. So happy for you. Keep your head up. You are a beautiful, nice, young lady. Enjoy the time with your dad and keep looking forward. (Mrs. S W.

  12. Debbie on said:

    Good for them!!! Bobbi L and Bobby B. so glad to see this. I hope we see more of you too together. That baby needs somebody.

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