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Each year the ManPower Group releases its results of a survey geared to determine the hardest jobs to fill. According to the survey the following jobs are the hardest to fill:


1)     Skilled Trade Workers

2)     Restaurants and Hotel Staff

3)     Sales Representatives

4)     Teachers

5)     Drivers

6)     Accounting and Finance Staff

7)     Laborers

8)     IT Staff

9)     Engineers, and

10)  Nurses.

What is in fact causing such difficulty in fulfilling these positions?

40% of U.S. Employers are reporting the difficulties are due to lack of technical competencies (i.e. – hard skills), lack of workplace competencies (i.e. – soft skills), lack of available applicants or no applicants at all, applicants looking for more pay than what is being offered, and lack of experience. This has, in turn, affected U.S. Employers in meeting their client’s needs, reduced their competitiveness/productivity, increased employee turnover, lowered employee engagement/morale, and caused higher compensation costs.

Employers are overcoming talent shortages by adopting non-traditional people practices, exploring new talent sources, and implementing alternative work models. Some of the most common non-traditional practices being implemented include:

1)     Providing additional training and development to existing staff

2)     Redefining qualifying criteria to include people without formal qualifications

3)     Increasing starting salaries

4)     Utilizing new recruiting practices in response to workforce strategy challenges

5)     Providing clear career development opportunities to applicants during recruitment.

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