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Real R&B hasn’t died; it’s just in a hibernation. The Atlanta-based group, Jagged Edge, is mounting a comeback of sorts. Bryan, Brandon, Wingo and Kyle are releasing a new single “Hope.”

Best known for its 90’s hits including “Let’s Get Married,” the group still has its original lineup. With their new single and upcoming CD release, Jagged Edge just hopes to return R&B to it’s original, more uplifting form.

“We’ve got a single called “Hope.” We’re very excited about it. It’s a lot of songs on the radio that’s not really positive right now and we’re just trying to bring a positive message back, basically, “ the group told the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Jagged Edge has linked up with their original producers Bryan Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri for a full album release expected later this year. Listen to their latest single “Hope” above.

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Jagged Edge 6-27-14
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