DETROIT (AP) – A 12-year-old Detroit boy last seen about a week and a half ago has been found alive in his father’s basement.

Detroit police spokesman Sgt. Mike Woody says officers were serving a search warrant at the home near downtown Wednesday afternoon when they stumbled upon Charlie Bothuell V.

Woody says he’s unsure of the boy’s physical condition, but “he’s alive.”

Police Chief James Craig earlier Wednesday told reporters that investigators searching for the boy were “not ruling out the possibility of homicide” but still hoped to find him alive.

The chief also says Charlie Bothuell IV took a polygraph test about his son’s disappearance, but the boy’s stepmother declined to do so.

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14 thoughts on “UPDATE: Missing 12-Year-Old Charlie Bothuell Found ALIVE [VIDEO]

  1. Lodeania Kuhn on said:

    The step mom needs to be check out .they can be very jealous of children from previous relationships glad the child is ok.

  2. I’ve heard of running away from home but this is ridiculous and what’s with all the Charlie Bothuell’s how about some diversity, I’m sure
    It will keep the credit bureau scratching their heads and Detroit still has a police dept.

  3. Linda on said:

    I was surprised when Nancy Grace aired this missing child on her program as she rarely shows children of color who are missing.

    My heart goes out to this little boy-glad that he was found ALIVE!–

    His father and the step-mom have some explaining to do–this story sounds kind of fishy to me!!!!!

  4. This is very strange. The police, FBI with cadaver dogs have searched the home 4 times and the boy was not found. I don’t think they are saying the boy was there the entire time because he would have been found but after nearly two weeks he appears barricaded in the basement. Someone put him there. Why is the wife not taking a polygraph. If the dad had failed the polygraph they would have probably said that. I wonder what the boys relationship with the wife was like… I thank God he is ok. Lord knows it could have been worse. Im sure this will be all clear once he is cleared b hospital and interviewed by police. We have to keep all children in prayer. Folk are cRaZy

  5. Sheroyl Stephenson on said:

    I truly thank God that that child was found alive and I pray that he will recover. our God is so good. I hope they check out that step mother.

  6. What a handsome young man–glad he was found alive! I hope he wasn’t hurt or injured, physically or otherwise….his dad better have some damn good answers! What’s with the step mom not taking a lie detector test though?!

  7. I don’t understand how someone can be in your basement for a week and a half and no one knows you there!people if be careful who you let into your life if they can’t treat your child right then they ain’t right!!this is a very strange story!!but thanking God he’s alive

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